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Is it safe to be gay in the UK? These harrowing experiences of homophobia show we’ve still got a long way to go… #GayBritannia

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HUGE Incoming Artist Announcements Monday & Tuesday ... Pride festival tickets have been selling much faster since going on sale, early booking advised ! ... See MoreSee Less

HUGE Incoming Announcements....


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Is it steps???????

Chas and Dave?

We going back? Sarah Pickford Sarah Olasz Sara Brake Katie Sullivan Carla Sullivan Lauren Parry Narinder Brake Esther DogGroomer Ellis Claire Howard Amy Howard Amie Fairclough Dee Beer Laura Cook Samuel Schout Callum Lee 🌈🍾😜

Charlie, Rebecca, Claire...might be Beyoncé or Little Mix?!! X x


Bananarama? 2xVIP tickets if I am right?? 🙂

I wonder who it’ll be this year Nicola ?

Della Emma Dani - this reminds me. I was drunk but we need arrange.

When is vip tickets go on sell thanks

Matt Bardell - thought you’d appreciate seeing this 🌈🧡💚💛💙

When are vip tickets being released and how much will they be please ?

If I cud get there I so wud haha xx

Yesssss !!

How to find the joint tickets for both the Saturday and Sunday ?

Jake Shears Jake Shears Jake Shears ... Kinky Boots will give him the day off yeah?

Hoping for Little Mix or Zara Larsson Sash Hudson Hannah Gladding ❤

We doing it this year Leesbian???

Kylie 🙏🏻 Kylie 🙏🏻 Kylie 🙏🏻

Stella Evans can we go if it’s not the pet shop boys again 😂

Kate Davis we are there x

Please be VengaBoys 🙏 Claudia

Claire Pickard we must go to this again 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼????? Yeah?!?!

Fancy round two this year Tommy Coote🌈🌈🌈🌈

Sally Free more tickets to buy...

Beth Lewis yes! Get me a ticket!

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Brighton & Hove Pride - Official Page

There is widespread abuse of trans people in Britain today – everywhere from the street, to social media, up to the front pages of the newspapers. Hear from trans activists and film-makers, Fox Fisher & Owl, about the importance of respecting non-binary trans identities, and why it's so important for everyone to stand up as trans allies now. Read our report on life as a trans person in Britain today, and take action to #ComeOutForTransEquality – visit
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I cannot begin to understand all of this-but all i know is if ANY sort of people are not doing harm to anyone,thats ok by me.jim baker,happy healthy glad-to-be-gay man.god bless you all. xxx


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  1. This scares me so much, my daughter came out as gay, and whilst we love and support her as much as we can, and i would go to the ends of the world to protect her, how do i protect her from this? Why should i have to? Xxx

  2. What is the matter with these bloody savages that belong in the dark ages how the hell is evolution supposed to evolve when we still got nearthandals in 2017. Stay stong its them that has the problem not you . ❤

  3. I have suffered homophobic abuse all my life. Follows me everywhere I go. I’m not,strictly speaking,a homosexual. The mind boggles. I’ve had to be mindful of what I say,who I associate with,and even though I’ve become incredibly reclusive,the rumours of the private life,I don’t have anymore prevail.😕

  4. I watched this last night and I was actually gob smacked… and it takes a lot to do that! To think that there are still Neanderthal people living in 2017 , it actually discussed me, gay men looks at and heterosexual couple walking down the street holding hands and does not say a word, because it’s accepted (excuse language) so you homophobic cock heads expect the fact that some homosexual people do not want to see that but we do and accept it, you may not want to see homosexuals hold hands in the street and kiss BUT we do, we will, and I stand by every single one!!! Do us queers a favour, grow up, man up!!!

  5. These comments are scarier than the video. It’s terrifying to know what some people think of me despite not even knowing me or my friends. So much hate lives inside these poor souls. I hope they can find peace with themselves and others 🕊

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