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Happy Pride Eve everyone! There’s still time to get your HALF PRICE VIP membership from @Gaydar to their new site and iPhone app.
Get yours today and connect with other Gaydar guys who are coming to this year’s Pride

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HUGE Incoming Artist Announcements Monday & Tuesday ... Pride festival tickets have been selling much faster since going on sale, early booking advised ! ... See MoreSee Less

HUGE Incoming Announcements....


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We need to get together and get it booked xx

Great Mary thanks ,we'll do the same X

Charlie, Rebecca, Claire...might be Beyoncé or Little Mix?!! X x

Took me 2 hrs 45 min to get tickets!! Crazy stuff. Love it to be Pet Shop Boys again but doubt it. Be happy if its Bananarama Erasure or Steps!

I wonder who it’ll be this year Nicola ?

When is vip tickets go on sell thanks

When are vip tickets being released and how much will they be please ?

Matt Bardell - thought you’d appreciate seeing this 🌈🧡💚💛💙

How to find the joint tickets for both the Saturday and Sunday ?

If I cud get there I so wud haha xx

Pride is the 4th of august! Actually gutted we're there the week before!! 😩🙈😩 Jon Vaughan

Amy Ross Nicci Lewis-Fitch Nina Demetri shall I book ours soon? Remember to book it off Friday- Monday

Jake Shears Jake Shears Jake Shears ... Kinky Boots will give him the day off yeah?

Zuzana Hejbalova I want to take you to this so annoying not knowing when we will be down there 😭😭😭

Not getting tickets until we know the acts !

Kelly McManus-O'Connell fancy Brighton this year with the kids and babies?

We doing it this year Leesbian???

Della Emma Dani - this reminds me. I was drunk but we need arrange.

Kate Davis we are there x

Claire Pickard we must go to this again 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼????? Yeah?!?!

Laura Morrow think we need to buy them now as 21 no early bird left

Fancy round two this year Tommy Coote🌈🌈🌈🌈

Beth Lewis yes! Get me a ticket!

Sally Free more tickets to buy...

Stella Evans can we go if it’s not the pet shop boys again 😂

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2 days ago

Brighton & Hove Pride - Official Page

There is widespread abuse of trans people in Britain today – everywhere from the street, to social media, up to the front pages of the newspapers. Hear from trans activists and film-makers, Fox Fisher & Owl, about the importance of respecting non-binary trans identities, and why it's so important for everyone to stand up as trans allies now. Read our report on life as a trans person in Britain today, and take action to #ComeOutForTransEquality – visit
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I cannot begin to understand all of this-but all i know is if ANY sort of people are not doing harm to anyone,thats ok by me.jim baker,happy healthy glad-to-be-gay man.god bless you all. xxx

Much respect and love to Fox and Owl! Xx


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