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Brighton Pride news: Gay men ‘afraid to hold hands in public’, survey finds

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Brighton Pride news: Gay men ‘afraid to hold hands in public’, survey finds

Latest update from Brighton Pride:

Gay men ‘afraid to hold hands in public’, survey finds

The findings were unearthed in a study by Stonewall, who surveyed 5,000 LGBT people across the UK.

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25 Responses

  1. Kash Green says:

    I think the reason most gay men are afraid to hold hands in public is because people look and it’s uncomfortable. But just because someone’s Looking at doesn’t mean that they are homophobic it’s just because it’s not something you see often it’s normal to take a second look at something that you don’t see. And I can tell you other gays look just as much if not more.
    Basically the solution to this problem is people need to stop caring and just do it and then people will get used to the fact that men hold hands in public❤👬👬👬👬👬❤

  2. Bryan Mackie says:

    I see a few and think how lovely. I do see more girls. Some Arabic countries its normal for men to do so.

  3. Johnny Pearson-Hall says:

    I’m scared to hold my husband’s hand in public in my hometown of Northampton because I know we’ll get abuse.
    It makes me so angry that I’m too scared to be defiant. I’m 46 years old ffs!

  4. TL Nobles says:

    Now let’s see…we get kicked in the head, beaten to death, threatened with abusive language…yeah I’d say that would deter us from holding hands outside of a gay safe space.

  5. Stephen Stephenson-Spencer says:

    I am scared of holding my husbands hand in public & it makes me angry & defiant. I fought for the right to get married, and the ignorant haters still control our lives!! Little steps though….

  6. Darrel John says:

    I’ve helt alot worse things in public i can assure you 🙂🌈

  7. Jo Schween says:

    True for women too :(.

  8. Mark Murray says:

    Don’t think we needed a survey to tell u this! Lol

  9. Aries George says:

    Personally I have never been afraid to do this. Partners of mine have been though…

  10. Rhon Ocenar says:

    I for my self show how tactile I am to my partner or my friend men or women. But I don’t have any fear of holding hand because this how I express my self being safe with some I’m with. But there are some people specially elderly or those people who are discreet of showing there own identity. Sometime I making a joke” look your walking around. brighton” we’re equality and diversity apply to everyone. In short ” Express your self” 😉😉😉😉

  11. Harry Taylor says:

    It came as an initial shock when I first went to Africa seeing guys (straight) holding hands. Different matter if you are gay in Africa in general you are not tolerated

  12. Stacey Howard says:

    As a trans person with a female partner I fear the double whammy. First being spotted as a dude in a dress (excuse the wording but that’s pre empting the hate speech) and if not as a lesbian.

  13. Matthew Nicholls says:

    I’d love to hold my partners hand, but people find it uncomfortable

  14. Tiffany Miles says:

    It’s so sad that people still get abuse for holding hands. Love is special no matter who it is. Hopefully soon people won’t even notice things like this.

  15. Debbie Louise Rand says:

    I’ve noticed this a lot so sad

  16. Edward McMahon says:

    Be proud of who yous are Sod them who are against gay people

  17. Donna Thomas says:

    Try not too be afraid to do want you wanna do. Its them thats got the problem not you. Xxx

  18. John Hanson says:

    I live in Brighton with my partner of 15 years.if we held hands regularly we would get attacked and verbally abused.this is a fact,even in brighton

  19. Derek Zierhofer says:

    Hmmm I’ve just moved to Barcelona and it’s not an issue here at all….but it’s something I’ve noticed in my home town of London for a long time that I rarely see same sex partners holding hands….I believe London and the UK is way behind the rest of Europe in so many areas and this repression is one of them

  20. Nigel Wayne says:

    I’ll admit to doing a double take when I see two men holding hands, not because I have any issue with it but because it’s rarely seen except in gay clubs or events.
    I’m always happy to see it though and the only way it’s going to be more accepted is if more people do it.
    I do understand why they don’t though.

  21. Kerry Beeden says:

    To any gay man, woman, child..to any straight couple…to anyone in LOVE. Hold hands..if only because it makes me all warm and fuzzy on your behalf. Love is love.

  22. Rebecca Hyder says:

    I loved it that by the end of Brighton Pride week, we were very used to seeing a wide range of people holding hands and my kids didn’t blink an eye. It was hard to come back to somewhere different.

  23. Criostóir Ó Miadhachain says:

    So are married men.

  24. Bradley Gull says:

    I’ll hold my boyfriends hand in the streets of soho London or any other area in the UK/world with gay bars but not anywhere else in public. I am afraid of the retaliation… 😥

  25. Yvonne Wiggan says:

    Hold hands or kiss in public show your affection be loud and proud xx

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