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Volunteer Applications are now officially open!
There’s still a chance to join us and be a vital part of the Boomtown family!
More details below on everything you need to know about volunteering this summer! xx


Applications to volunteer directly for Boomtown festival are set to go live towards the end of March. Keep an eye on our Get Involved page and on our official social media channels for updates!

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1 day ago

Boomtown Fair

Before we launch our environmental mission for Chapter 11 on Thursday, we’re celebrating some of the successes we collectively achieved last year…

🌞 The biggest achievement was earning a ‘commended’ award from external assessors A Greener Festival who measure our impact as a festival across a wide variety of categories, including everything from the local ecosystem to power on site.
🌞 More of you than ever decided to take the biggest step towards minimising carbon footprint by opting for coaches, trains and car sharing.
🌞 Our first ever big Boomtown Bike Ride was a sunny success - we’ve already added an extra location for this year!
🌞 To offset the damage from individual cars, 370,591 energy miles were balanced with Energy Revolution - money from every car pass purchased was donated to Solar 4 Schools, a project that aims to put solar panels on the roofs of every school in the UK!

Thank you to every single one of you that contributed… whether it was by leaving no trace and taking home all of your belongings, coming by coach or recycling on site: every small action counts and it takes all of us working together to create positive change!

Our new strategy is coming on Thursday, keep an eye out for how you can get involved then and you can find out more about the stats and initiatives we've mentioned
above here:

Our world, our environment, our future.
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4 days ago

Boomtown Fair

Are you up for being part of the largest theatrically immersive show in the world?

From the pages of the graphic novel, through to the winding streets, deep into secret venues, all the way up to the second level animation and culminating at Sunday's spectacular finale show... The 'immersive maze' is a city wide quest that propels its players deep into the rabbit hole whilst firmly making them a key part in the Boomtown narrative.... How far are you prepared to go?

All you are about to see took place at Boomtown Chapter 10 and was brought to life by thousands of intrepid Boomtown citizens, ready to go that extra mile to protect the city and expose some uncomfortable truths to the masses!

Be part of the story...

🎥 Friction Collective
🔈 Turn your sound ON!
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This is the reason. I love this festival.. A living story... Role play at its finest

Jess Wilkinson this is the shit we did

Andrew Sophie watch this it's about the story at boomtown 😊

Chapter 9 got are fortunes red and was led on a chase of clues was awesome wonder how to get started this year

Malika Faber, you'll like this!

Mark Hale Elliot House Ethan Allen Myles Lindley Alex Quinn James Woodward

Shannon Hall making me all nostalgic

Lauren Louise Dixon Olivia Maxey

David Fox

Kayleigh Jane

Declan McNiffe

Jayme Shutt, get ready!!

Emily Dawe boom made us rich

Katy Lee Oliver

Ledge 👌

TiaBianca VsCharlotte McDaniel lol how we did none of the activities

Ned Baylis

Demi Leigh Nathan Browne Oliver Windsor Ellis Browne

Lee Ryan Charlotte Lynsey Mack

Last year's boomtown Laurie-Lee Marshall Craig Marshall Kai Hirst...... Got ur tickets yet??

Beth Leigh im still confused!!?

Jordan Boobyer Hannah-louise Graham

KyeNott Abbie Natasha Saskia Smith Amber Griffiths need to read up lads i wanna do this

Annabel Goodman fucked it from the start 😂

Lacy Ali

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