Boomtown Fair news: TICKET WARNING!

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We had an unbelievable surge in ticket sales after line-up release last night that puts us very close to selling out of all tiered tickets…

There will be only be the very limited number of Full Price or Coach & Shuttle Traveller package options available …

Hope to see you in the city for chapter 10 xx

Boomtown Fair


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2 days ago

Boomtown Fair

Have you watched the full after-film yet??
Relive a radical city here:
Have a lush weekend everyone... xx
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Top fan here


Krisztián Köteles Zsolt Bene Adri Kocsis 🤩🤩

Top mother fucking fan


Holly Nash I’m a top fan

I'm hoping to bring my new ethical streetwear brand. Called jeenewoosh a varient of genius inspiring others to achieve the best possible life ever.. I was a homeless drug addict.. Got clean.. Found my passion helping and inspiring anyone I can especially young people to achieve there inner genius.. Im trying to turn my life around so we as a brand can fund and re open youth clubs and build much needed resources for young people.. Would love to be part of the Boomtown.. 2020 here we come

P. S.. Big top fan


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3 days ago

Boomtown Fair

Laughter is the best medicine ❣️✨🎉 ... See MoreSee Less

Laughter is the best medicine ❣️✨🎉


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Beautiful piccy

Sarah Dando 🌞

Chelseÿ Harvey Paul Dando Funniest day ever! 🐽

Laughter yhh 👀

Chelseÿ Harvey is that you marshy in the middle !! Cxx

Mia Luck - they are wearing our tops! haha, that is defo' a giggle.

That shirt is fantastic. Hook a brother up?

Or ket

Joe Symmonds we are gods in this dark abyss

My favourite place😎😁👌

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