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Boomtown Fair news: There was something fishy going on in Old Town in chapter 10…

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Boomtown Fair news: There was something fishy going on in Old Town in chapter 10…

Latest update from Boomtown Fair

There was something fishy going on in Old Town in chapter 10…

Did anyone witness any peculiar protests or meet any curious characters down the streets of our oldest district this year?

Boomtown Fair


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37 Responses

  1. Curtis Prest says:

    All glory to the hypnofish

  2. Lou Pole says:

    Make boomtown flat again 🀣

  3. Danny Devereux says:

    Sylvestor the Molester Jake Macdonald Luca-stocks Scoglio

  4. Jami Reber says:

    Shannon Olivia Amanda Bienkowski lulululululululululu

  5. Dan De Lion says:

    Some fella sweeping mud. It’s too dirty in old town the fish all left

  6. Biddy Mitchell says:

    Mima Owen the fish πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. Kate Radusin says:

    Dick do you remember this? It’s when they were letting of the coloured gas that smelled terrible

  8. Helen Clark says:

    Montana Louise Ross Lauren Barnett Ayliffe Cumming

  9. Lauren Hawksworth says:

    Jack Ormrod

  10. Emily Brindle says:

    Molly Watkiss that fkn Chinese dragon

  11. Jake Clarke says:

    Hayden Jones Craig Longjohn Johnson Craig Kieran Brooks something fishy going on? Kipperrr

  12. Craig Longjohn Johnson says:

    Hahaha yesss

  13. George Warren says:

    Rory Myers-Cann was the smell of ur toes

  14. Jordan Boobyer says:

    Becca Wilson Oi Oi

  15. Scott Claridge says:

    Marko Marincic do you remember this

  16. Willow Geere says:

    Amy Brewer-Smith Rob Williams

  17. Mitalee Chandwani says:

    so many – so so many curious characters, ridiculous stories, marching bands, and fishy protesters

  18. Kris Huntley says:

    I did wonder what all the fish references were

  19. Joel Ezekiel says:

    Jazz Roosevelt

  20. Alex Gower says:

    Sammi Gower

  21. John O' Grady says:

    Tara NΓ­ ChlΓ©irigh I’d say you will never be able to get this out of your mind

  22. Ella H-p says:

    Tilly H Cooper u fishy gal

  23. Rosie Dent says:

    Ubah Mohamed Ephrozyna Ephy Klymchuk still confused

  24. Angus Martin says:

    Dem weird fish people are up to something boys Faris Khalil Harry Whitlock

  25. Larnie Moles says:

    Andrew Horn the fish parade!!!!

  26. Emily Boulton says:

    Maisie Louise Durrant Phoebe Burt Curtis Coello Ryan Tomas Bailey Smith Danni Watson Shanice Friday Ollie Hewson i thought i imagined this

  27. Jake Langford says:

    Ellis Reiber-Hodgson Josh Baker

  28. Charlotte Coxall says:

    Emily Newman 🐟🐟

  29. Andrew Horn says:

    That was weird lol πŸ˜‚

  30. Julian Cheesman says:

    Katy Church biggest head fuck

  31. Katy Beverly says:

    Abby Reeman Jack Harris Connor TuxfordNiamh Donoghue

  32. Lydia Caitlin says:

    Natalie Bbz Bruton Ben Bruton Kristian Smith

  33. Warren Bean says:

    Gutted I missed the parade but there was so much stuff happening πŸ˜‚

  34. Jen Bean says:

    Yes, so weird and wonderful 😍

  35. Charlette Holt says:

    Chloe Jacko Hayley B Jen Anna were goung here next yr

  36. The Invisible Circus says:

    Kiss the fish! Thanks Boomtown Fair for the pics, glad we got inside your minds Chapter 10 crew 🐟🐟🐟

  37. John Meek says:

    lmao πŸ˜‚ wots up boomtown peeps

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