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Boomtown Fair news: The Lost Chapter – Boomtown the Narrative

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Boomtown Fair news: The Lost Chapter – Boomtown the Narrative

Latest update from Boomtown Fair

To close The Lost Chapter and to wrap up an era, we've got a special one-off closing show video and mini-doc to take a deep dive into the storyline and what could have been had things been in any way 'normal' in 2020!

Hugest love to all. ❤️

Thank you so much to everyone who has made this weekend so special, from the incredible street venue crews, to all the artists and performers and to all of you at home, your continued love and support is overwhelming!

The next edition of Boomtown will be officially launched on October the 1st until then have a great rest of the summer… We will dance together again! xx

Video Credits:
Boomtown Theatre Team:
Mair Morel
Sophie Shaw
Martin Coat – Roguebeacon & Dank Parish
Doug Francisco – Doug Francisco & Plastik Paradiso – El Camino Perdido

Closing Tracks: Mandidextrous, E-Coli & Mark E-G

AMI: Charlie Chazz Noir. Circus Model

Video: Alex Allen Film

Boomtown Fair


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