Boomtown Fair news: Only 100 days until Chapter 10 commences and we dance together under Bang Hai To

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Only 100 days until Chapter 10 commences and we dance together under Bang Hai Towers again!

Boomtown Fair


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1 day ago

Boomtown Fair

Dearest citizens of chapter 10, thank you for making our 10 years so unbelievably special, get home safely!
See you next year! xxxx
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Dearest citizens of chapter 10, thank you for making our 10 years so unbelievably special, get home safely! 
See you next year! xxxx


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Thank you Boom Town, for another spectacular year ❤❤❤

Jamie Weston see I told u all night it won’t end 🤙🏻🤙🏻😂😂

Big up the Boomtown! My new favourite city in the world 😊

Die Antwoord were absolutely incredible on that stage last night! Thank you Boomtown. That was fucking super! X

Does anyone know what time does the shuttle bus finish running from today please 😊....??

Fantastic boomtown this year, organisation was amazing, smooth entry and exit, enough bins and loos relatively clean all weekend. Really well done, a million miles better than last year

Home clean hurting everywhere .... Amazing time had fantastic memories made for the blank spots ....such a fantastic party had again !!! And can i just say massively impressed with green team this year !! Everyday it was like the litter fairies had descended !!! Thankyou Boomtown ...THANKYOU !! XX

Sam Davis we were there man what an incredible set

Can you please make a permanent boomtownland it’s better than Disney world 🙏🏾👌🏾🕺🏿😁🎶🔥

Maxim Latham Haydn Griffiths see you next year 😉😉😉😉😉

Can't I just live there forever?

Best ever boomtown? Thank you to everyone who contributed and thank you to Ami for saying what needed to be said. However, on that note, a resounding GO FUCK YOURSELF to the carbon thief wastemen who've left their tents behind even after you were prominently reminded of the issue. A selfish life is a shit one, you are mugging yourselves off. (Sorry to moan, love to the majority of folk who actually care about people other than themselves!)

Kallum Mckenzie next year?

My 5th one this year. I think the boomtown crew finally cracked it. Absolutely spot on!

Lovely weekend apart from the dickhead security at Downtown who spoke to me like a piece of shit after i had walked miles to recycle then they had a massive go at me for going back into camp to get my things and follwed me and my friend! Fucking rude! No need to speak to citizens like shit when me and my friends tidy majority of the campsite from shit other people left..... security also needs to respect citizens! Take note

Thank you! Never ceases to amaze me how much effort goes into this event every year. Already looking forward to next year.

Hazel Carling Hannah Powell soon as them tickets go on sale we are getting them for next year cos we will only regret it like we did this year!

Great other than the rude and horrendous security on the way in taking shit that was not on the "not allowed" list. That one guy really was on a power trip and i am very glad the other guy saw what a bellend he really is and gave it back

Thank you. it was the best. Keep up the magical work. We will be back ✌💚❤💛

Can i be a cheeky f****r and ask for some photos of lionsden from people

Turn the rig on next year

It was Boomtastic! ❤

Robotika stage was on point why can't all stages sound like that 😊

Best festival in my life, thanks Boomtown!

Dino Koprivica Peter Smith Josh Goodwin Next year?

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3 days ago

Boomtown Fair

The first full day of the festival was insane...! x

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Wish I was there!!!

Amy we're not missing this next year 😢

Becky Gummery we shud of gone x

Meredith Mallory Jack Walker Richard Kibblewhite Elena Liz Smith ❤❤

Laura Woolley Karly Herriott Luke Heath this looks fun


How’s it going Joanna Ludlow?

Kyle Lothian

Leah Ryder 😭😭

Gemma Steward

Lee Wall next year!!

Jamie Berkeley😭😭😭

Mark Iso Andrea Semprini Pierluigi Bernabei......

Next year Ashley Marsden Joe Dring Kellie Dring 👌🏻

Lee Harper

Daisy Knight

Its been amazing so far! Pulled it out the bag AGAIN

Hayley Kelly 😭🤦‍♂️

Will Wood Oliver Forth 😩😩

More pics please

Alison Clink

Lindsey Guest 😓

I wanna be there so bad

Jessica Norton I wanna go sooooo bad 😭😭😭

Nathan Lecompere

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