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It’s been a dream of ours for years to pull some of the finest Hampshire produce together to create our very own Farmer’s Market – and this year it all came into fruition!

Nestled at the top of Whistlers Green, Chapter 9’s Farmer’s Market featured the tastiest of morsels from:
Mrs B’s Bees, Broughton Water Buffalo, Baker Boys, Cupcakes”mmm”Cookies, Hampshire Pantry, TurnerHardy&Co and Whey More Limited.

With all traders coming predominantly from a 30 mile radius of the festival, the Farmer’s Market delivered fresh, local, produce. It was such a success that we’re doing it all again next year! Let us know if you’d like to get involved! xx

Video by Henry Meredith OT FILMS.

Boomtown Fair


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4 days ago

Boomtown Fair

Have an amazing weekend everyone!
We're going to pretend it's warm and sunny and we're back in the city just for a little bit... 😉 xx
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Have an amazing weekend everyone! 
Were going to pretend its warm and sunny and were back in the city just for a little bit... ;) xx


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Some more lineup announcements would warm us up. Just sayin..... X

When will more bands be released? It's been too long!

they will be coming your way in February... xx

Joey Churches John Aggle Moran Dave Sweet Jorge Travellin James Rodriguez Robert Millett Alicia Burr we didn’t even make it here!

Yeah, stood there watching steve 'n' seagulls in the sunshine was amazing. 🌳🌞⛺🎶

Stoppppppp! Forever wishing it was warm and sunny and I was back in a field with all my favourite people around me, drinking warm cans of cider at 8am in the morning. :'(

Lucie Hiscutt we were here

Wish you were here .

Sam Rowland Kyle Perry Danny Sims

Oriiental Simo

Isobel Joan Edwards like what we were saying xxx

Can't wait Anna Edwards! 🤗

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7 days ago

Boomtown Fair

There's nothing more beautiful than being yourself xx
Photography: Jody Hartley
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Theres nothing more beautiful than being yourself xx
Photography: Jody Hartley


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What if you're a cynical, selfish, joyless prick?

Tris Moore found your fancy dress/normal wear for boomtown

There's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking.

I refuse to accept that i am beautiful 😁

Brooklyn' Megan

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  1. it would be great if there were more vegan options up there. you lot do a great job of catering for vegans and if that could continue into this area to that would be dope 🙂

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