Boomtown Fair news: Challenge your perception of reality … Step into our world beyond imagination

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Latest update from Boomtown Fair

Challenge your perception of reality … Step into our world beyond imagination and become part of the collective creativity… xx

Boomtown Fair


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20 hours ago

Boomtown Fair

As this secretive industrial complex continues to decay, the brain of the Advanced Machine Intelligence is reawakening and the exclusion zone is aglow with new colours... 🦠

☣️ AREA 404 full line-up lands tomorrow at 1pm! ☣️

Get ready for full techno immersion on the monolithic Nucleus, a bass lovers heaven at The Grid, ravers paradise in Acid Leak and the return of Fallout Disco. Our first of 15 district announcements to come! 👊

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Darren Brown 👌


Lauren Sumner

Kara I'm just gonna tag you in these for a while

Ben Bairabas Ben Sherriff Alex Willis 🤧

Bailey Chappell u like techno?

Jaap 😁

David Aitken Kayleigh Rhiannon Armitage

Richard Bailey Wayne Carter

Regina Felanji

Hannah Lahan we defos need to go BT at some point! X

Regan Grace Cook

Jess Coughlan

Ami Thorne

Harry Judge techno time

Harriet Storey-Brown

Tom Parkinson

Georga Wright yay

AJ Doyle

Please tell me Sama' will be playing again ❤🇵🇸❤

Abigail Mercer don’t think I’m ready be honest

Adèle Nourry Michael Gaugain Alice Triverio vous êtes sûr de vouloir aller à BERLIN ?

Jack Elis

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2 days ago

Boomtown Fair

Last year was a big year for our Green Mission and we wanted to take the chance to thank all of YOU as well as our crew and artists who came together to make some really big changes...⁣

♻️We reduced our overall carbon footprint by 17%!!
🏕 80% of you took your tents and equipment home⁣
🗑 You reduced waste by 10% (per person per day) and recycled and reused 43%⁣
💦We banned single-use plastic bottles preventing 225,000 plastic bottles and reduced plastic waste by 3.9 tonnes⁣
⚡ We reduced energy consumption by 21%⁣
🌳 We planted 71,725 trees with Tree Sisters⁣
🚘 We balanced the CO2 from public and artist car travel (537,805 travel miles) by investing in solar panels for school roofs⁣
💸You raised £18k for Winchester Action On Climate Change⁣
🚌43% of you arrived via public transport & 32% car shared⁣
🏁 68% of you said you'd now be more inclined to join an environmental protest in real life.⁣

Stay tuned as we announce more of our #GreenMission initiatives for 2020 and how you can get involved! x

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Hay Fox

Sounds great! Big UP! 😁

Paul Sprigg put your mind at rest, you deserve it xo

Kathryn Ivy

well done

Shame I am still waiting for a response from boomtown about not refunding the eco bond 2x£10 teenage tickets that turned up on the Monday to collect a bag of rubbish each to do their part. How many emails do I have to send 😡😡😡😡

Mark Stephenson you weren't impressed when you first turned up lol

Edward Little

Well done, really great you're making this a priority.

I think the 80% is probably more like 40% the other 40% of tents blew away

Libby Stewart - pretty impressive and escellent to see 🙂

Linda Jane Richards

Adam Ambridge

Really impressed especially when considering the weather conditions! Well done all. 💋

Carrie-Anne Whitmarsh David Griffiths

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3 days ago

Boomtown Fair

Calling all theatrical and musical collectives 🎪 🎭 💃

The deadline for our Street Venues & Theatre applications is fast approaching! You have till Friday to apply to become a part of Chapter 12...

We are looking for a range of crews, from new talent who want to try something new to experienced collectives who have something fully tried and tested.

Make sure to base your application on one of our many districts! Does your collective belong in Oldtown, a place rich with history and folklore? Or maybe Metropolis, our digital realm dominated by Artificial Intelligence? Let us know where you fit into Boomtown’s narrative…

Apply here:

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Richard Rae

Charlie Inskip

Cj Jackson

Sophie Gargett uhoh! When are you back!

Tom Botting you could play at BT 🤔 🤔

Delilah Piddlestick 🎧🎵

Stanley William Preston Pratt Farid Ahmed Joshua Hickman Lulu La shall we apply

Stanley William Preston Pratt Farid Ahmed Joshua Hickman Lulu La shall we apply

Hannah Donohue just apply for this whenever you see and have chance!!!!

Lewers Firth Joe Nethercott Dan Concussion Sim Simma Trafford prango!!!!

Jodie May Connolly

Rachel Stark you would be amazing at this x

Looks Like Collett Roland Bryan

Lee Harris yes i like working under pressure😲thankfully we had a couple of rough drafts written up so we weren't totally unprepared.

After build I’d like to get involved as a cyberpunk themed sex pirate spliced with illegal augmentations wielding a reciprocating cock saw. Where would I fit in ?

Sophie Jackson Riddlestick?

Rhiannon Kay u should get gays in space on this u guys would be so good


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4 days ago

Boomtown Fair

The wait is nearly over...
District announcements kick off on FRIDAY! 🚨

More district posters will land every Tuesday & Friday until mid-April after that... we hope you're ready! 🎢

The wait is nearly over...
District announcements kick off on FRIDAY! 🚨

More district posters will land every Tuesday & Friday until mid-April after that... we hope youre ready! 🎢

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Coral Sophie

Jess Coughlan

Megan Parker

Sophia Grainger 👏

Jon Shaw 😎😎😎😎

Jake Blitzer Sam Wright

Josh Beresford 6 months and we’ll be falling through these streets

Zoe Morton 🙏

Charlie Holiday YES

Michelle Wilson

Josh Osborne 😁😁😁

Bailey Chappell Harley Lily

Hannah Bradshaw


Christopher Stratoudakis Jade Leigh Watkins

Amber Armstrong Pagan Armstrong Dale Mel Armstrong

Tasha Crowley

Kashka Rudder Tracy Best xx

Jamie Ball Molly Anne Lee Godfrey Alex Clare Jordon Hawkins!!!!!!!!!

Ailish Mulcahy Amber Hopkinswoioiiiiiiii

Aaron Dewey

Joe Newland more to be announced!


Charlie Andrews

Wayne Hibbins 🤞

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7 days ago

Boomtown Fair

We're cooking up something exciting... 👩‍🍳

You may have seen us announce a new concept and show, 'State of Emergency', via our trailer earlier this month... but what is it!?

Curated by our production and theatrical teams as well as circus troupes from across the world - the Boomtown story will unfold throughout the all-new shows which will play out across three of our main stages...

Get ready for a high-energy, theatrical spectacular of circus and performance which will come together with boundary-pushing sound design, technology and special effects to create a 360-degree experience... Bigger than any project we've ever embarked on, this will be unlike anything you've ever seen before! 🤸‍♀️💥

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Chloe Nadin

Robbie, Paul, Marietta, Emily, Emma

Roxanne Tanner Lawrence Tanner Chanene Salaita

Dylan Spriddle Atli Gunnarsson

Dan Urwin Alana Gabrielle

Dave Young

Ticket prices are fucking extautionate glad I went when I did.

Diogo Lopez

Nick Miles Maddie Hancock

Danny Devereux Harry Jones

Ashlee Terese right up your street

Chris Downing

It's expensive but definitely worth it imo wish it went on longer.

Ozzy Morgan

George Pitman Harvey Lawton

Chloe Ball

Freya Helen Gulliver

Catherine Scudamore

Peter Carman it’s just another world 😍

Daisy George Sam Bradley this sounds epic. Think I'm going to have to unfollow all the Boomtown sites...

Linzi Lou Keishaa Mmcgraphh

Keith Plummer 😮 😮 😮 xxx

Hazel Knorr hold onto your pooper

Demi Mason

Sarah Jane

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Isabelle May October 8, 2018 - 12:04 pm

pwease boomtown upload the gorillaz performace highlights :3

Thu00e9o Grossetete October 8, 2018 - 12:20 pm

Sepi Gaïaphonik

Sabrina Merralls October 8, 2018 - 9:02 pm

Jamie Chapman we are in this crowd


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