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Boomtown Fair news: Boomtown Chapter 11: ‘A Radical City’ OFFICIAL After-film 2019

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Boomtown Fair news: Boomtown Chapter 11: ‘A Radical City’ OFFICIAL After-film 2019

Latest update from Boomtown Fair

✨Official 2019 After-film out now ✨
Relive the breathtaking experience of Boomtown’s Chapter 11 – ‘A Radical City’
Thank you so much to everyone that helps make this dream a reality, We are all one world and together we can be the change xxx

Boomtown Fair


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25 Responses

  1. Naomi Leanne Jones says:

    Amazing camera work and an amazing effort by all who made it possible xxx

  2. Gemma Louise says:

    Sunshine Farr Molly Weeks Sam Gregory Ashley Norman Luke Porter

  3. Chloe Worthy says:

    Casey McAdam Callum Alex Phillips Michael Lord Toni-Jay Alderton

  4. Damon Pearce says:

    Reuben Pearce Jason Pearce

  5. Lauren Staley says:

    Terence Oldfield will you be famous again

  6. Larner Brady says:

    Nick Coupe Paige McGregor Patrick Swindlehurst Abbie Dow

  7. Pj O'Neill says:

    Bethany Blackburn Luke Frank Furneaux Alan Smith Clive Andrews Peter Reynolds

  8. Phoebe Hammett says:

    Danny Arnold

  9. Amelia Cahill says:

    Oliver Cahill

  10. Caitlin Tyrrell says:

    Phoebe Cartwright Kye Nott Saskia Smith Amber Griffiths Jade Sk Abbie Natasha Simeon Doubleday Tansy Wright

  11. Mark Jefford says:

    Beautiful! loved the editing!

  12. Ash Piper says:

    Mj Little IS THAT YOU

  13. Leanne Shedden says:

    Adam Leask James Wilkinson Daniel Mackay Nikki Rush Take me back!!

  14. Chloe Lean says:

    Shannon-Leigh Pearson Talitha Jaz Harvey 😓😓😓

  15. Jessica Young says:

    Shaun Gallagher Elysha Lee Chapman !!

  16. Sam Thorburn says:

    Henry Gray Ford Weston

  17. Jude Anscombe says:

    Bob Ball Charlie Cheal ❤️

  18. Louise Harris says:

    James Pears

  19. Meg Skinner says:

    Will Shankara Katy Pixie

  20. Tasha Clrk says:

    Robin Clarke

  21. Megan Boston says:

    Hannah Delves Marcie Holme next year !!!

  22. Katie Louise Carter says:

    Tommy Taylor i just want to live here forever

  23. Kieran Bendix says:

    Beccski Strong

  24. Lucy Oneill says:

    Anyone know the name of Baianá (Pablo Fierro Edit)
    Album by Barbatuques remix (first song playing on the video) ?? X

  25. Lucy Wellby says:

    Marcos Ponce !!

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