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Boomtown Fair news: Boomtown Backstage Mini-Tour #1: Copper County

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Boomtown Fair news: Boomtown Backstage Mini-Tour #1: Copper County

Latest update from Boomtown Fair

Experience the magic behind the scenes, this week takes us on a time travelling adventure to the streets of Copper County!!

Come and meet the brains behind the braun and the protagonists of the protests…

Boomtown Fair


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25 Responses

  1. Megan Appleby-Davies says:

    Joe Fogerty

  2. Jony Tones says:

    Copper county was mega, the actors were quality

  3. Carl Chant says:

    Still got my wrist band on…. Just can’t wait for the next chapter

  4. William Holden says:

    Chrissie Fiske this is what makes boomtown

  5. Serena Vaughan says:

    Helaina Bowater you’re on just after 2:30!!!! Disappointed no Fergus O’Neill or Chris Hopkinson tho

  6. Emma Black says:


  7. Megan Sahin says:

    Megan Hamilton

  8. Laurie McNamara says:

    Elijah James Gabriela Lana

  9. Lana Chokarian says:

    Jenny Ross Eva-Theresa Chokarian watch the whole thing !

  10. Faris Khalil says:

    Harry Whitlock pretty fricking rad

  11. Jake Bowyer says:

    Jake MasonChris BartonElliott Chard we need to explore way more next time

  12. Arianne Abouzar says:

    Sara May Park Lydia Hartshorn

  13. Paul Baynton says:

    Justin, this looks fucking AWESOME : D

  14. John Meek says:

    cant believe this is happing 🤣😂😎

  15. Joanna Elliott says:

    Justin D’Largento you rock !

  16. Max Lewis says:

    Alfie Anderson-tracey

  17. Carlos Garcu00eda Martu00edn says:

    Jorge Biafra Warren, Adélaïde Méal

  18. Lily Evans says:

    James Mear oi oi

  19. Georgina Mullis says:

    Eleanor Ryan

  20. Zak Hz Stuart says:

    Ah yes Justin D’Largento 🙂 didnt get a chance go see you this year other than briefly passing. Mikki Hank Anderson quick shot of you in here too 🙂

  21. Carol Chapman says:

    Charence Baxter

  22. David Lowen says:

    That looks great fun to participate.

  23. Gwen Conroy says:

    Joe Keenan this is so Town Hall…love it

  24. Will Proffitt says:

    The sheriff made me pay a hundred dollars for a permit to carry my laser rifle. When I mentioned that it was odd to see a lawman without a gun he said “Uh yes, well, I dropped it down the toilet”.

  25. Will Proffitt says:

    Anyone know how uou get involved with this acting business? I’ve got all the costumes.

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