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Boomtown Fair news: As part of our mission to totally eradicate campsite waste from the festival and

Latest update from Boomtown Fair

As part of our mission to totally eradicate campsite waste from the festival and make the idea of 'single-use tents' a thing of the past… ♻️
We've teamed up with a campsite waste charity Comp-A-Tent to make it super easy for everyone to get fully involved in this mission to protect our environment! 🌱

Introducing the brand new ‘pick-up a pop up’ scheme which totally removes the burden of bringing and lugging a tent to and from the site, and is the same price as the cheapest tents on the market, so there is really no excuse not to!

All you have to do…
Order your tent £̶5̶0̶ to pick up when you get here.
EDIT: Comp-A-Tent are now working directly with Decathlon UK and are able to match their RRP of £45!!
Then at the end of the festival – keep it and reuse it again and again OR bring it back and we’ll buy it back off you for £10.00!
If you choose the buy-back option your tent will then be cleaned and used for others next year – making everything circular, so nothing is wasted and nothing goes to landfill!


Boomtown Fair


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3 days ago

Boomtown Fair

Chase & Status heading up their RTRN II JUNGLE takeover on RELIC is a set that will go down in history 🔥

Watch a full track, 'Program' ft. Irah, LIVE from the set here ➟
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Danni Barker

Helen Salama Ellie May Holland Jessica Clingham take me back to this plz 😭🤤

Amazing, what a set!

Jess Lucas

Josh Rhodes

Rob Campbell

Aki Kalatzoglou you know you want to

We actually left this set halfway through, I thought they were going to perform their new album. It just ended up being another drum n bass set. Which is fine but missed the streets for it. Was gutted.

Bethany Smith

Rachel Marks Adam Silliker 🤪🤙🏾

Jordan Isaac Mason Ryan Mitchell Ben

Betswy Broughton Dom Francis Georgia Whiting Tom Wilkinson such a mad moment😍

Keshana Davidson

Cesar Grijalva Andrew Nguyen Christian Anthony Fernandes y’all gotta come one day

Why not release the video for the whole set???!!

Jodie Perry we were there!!!!😍

Tim Fanner

Jack Mcleod


Natasha Walsh Verity Underwood

Jay Bossendorfer

Jodie Bracewell

Sasha Cosgrove

i wanna go back Jonathan Grossey

Lisa Duggan shake a leg! Shake a fucking leg!

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6 days ago

Boomtown Fair

Who’s got that Friday feeling...?! 🌞
Have a lush weekend everyone xx
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Who’s got that Friday feeling...?! 🌞 
Have a lush weekend everyone xx


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My guy

Have an awesome weekend ♥

Got to be good tonight :( Aphex Twin tomorrow London bound!! :D

Ahh take me bk!!!

Take me back😭😭

Always a massive queue to get in to our shop these days

Matt Jacka defo next year

Amy Bennett sneaking into the official BoomTown posts now are ya? xD

Roll on next yr 👍👍👍👌👌 #boomtown #home

There is the weekend & there is the strong end ;)

Raphael Alexander Pimlett that you in the corner?

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