Boomtown Fair news: A new area awaits…

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8 days to go… a new area awaits.

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3 days ago

Boomtown Fair

Are you up for being part of the largest theatrically immersive show in the world?

From the pages of the graphic novel, through to the winding streets, deep into secret venues, all the way up to the second level animation and culminating at Sunday's spectacular finale show... The 'immersive maze' is a city wide quest that propels its players deep into the rabbit hole whilst firmly making them a key part in the Boomtown narrative.... How far are you prepared to go?

All you are about to see took place at Boomtown Chapter 10 and was brought to life by thousands of intrepid Boomtown citizens, ready to go that extra mile to protect the city and expose some uncomfortable truths to the masses!

Be part of the story...

πŸŽ₯ Friction Collective
πŸ”ˆ Turn your sound ON!
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This is the reason. I love this festival.. A living story... Role play at its finest

Jess Wilkinson this is the shit we did

Andrew Sophie watch this it's about the story at boomtown 😊

Chapter 9 got are fortunes red and was led on a chase of clues was awesome wonder how to get started this year

Malika Faber, you'll like this!

Mark Hale Elliot House Ethan Allen Myles Lindley Alex Quinn James Woodward

Shannon Hall making me all nostalgic

Lauren Louise Dixon Olivia Maxey

David Fox

Kayleigh Jane

Declan McNiffe

Jayme Shutt, get ready!!

Emily Dawe boom made us rich

Katy Lee Oliver

Ledge πŸ‘Œ

TiaBianca VsCharlotte McDaniel lol how we did none of the activities

Ned Baylis

Demi Leigh Nathan Browne Oliver Windsor Ellis Browne

Lee Ryan Charlotte Lynsey Mack

Last year's boomtown Laurie-Lee Marshall Craig Marshall Kai Hirst...... Got ur tickets yet??

Beth Leigh im still confused!!?

Jordan Boobyer Hannah-louise Graham

KyeNott Abbie Natasha Saskia Smith Amber Griffiths need to read up lads i wanna do this

Annabel Goodman fucked it from the start πŸ˜‚

Lacy Ali

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4 days ago

Boomtown Fair

Did you enter the maze at Chapter 10...? Were you one of the players unlucky enough to be caught by Bang Hai officials?

Full immersive maze after film coming tomorrow! Be a part of the story.... x
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Did you enter the maze at Chapter 10...? Were you one of the players unlucky enough to be caught by Bang Hai officials?

Full immersive maze after film coming tomorrow! Be a part of the story.... x


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Michael Haughton this is the mind-reading device thing I was telling you about at Boomtown. I was taken for interrogation after accusing some random guy of being Mr. Boom to the Band Hai security agents. Then spent the rest of that day trying to complete pointless tasks, was excellent fun.

Sarah Eleanor Dunn

Shannon Hall ????!!!

What a ride it was Colin!

We need to get involved this year Gemma Messenger Nina Sturrock Richard Bibby

Sophie I think things started to get really weird once this happened

Hayden Jones Alina Ma πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

George Parish 🀩🀯

Alex Sam Lewis Will Alex ‘one of the players unlucky enough to be caught by security’ 😰

Luke Ripley

Lauren Williams George Hogg Lois Ware Nadia Rose we need to find it this year

Yeh too right πŸ‘πŸ»

Charlotte Lynsey Mack Lee Ryan

Megan Collyer Robyn Salvi

Fauve Tappenden ive heard about this but never saw it .. a friend had it done to him or similar 2 years ago

Where was this?! Jake

Lemar P Ross hey buddy was this done to you years ago? :P


Joe Fogerty can't wait to get fully involved in this!

Sophie RD how did we miss this?

Beth Brown will have to find this next year!

Malika Faber

Haydn Griffiths fucking missed this didnt we

Alice Tilda-Rose sounding familiar ?

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31 thoughts on “Boomtown Fair news: A new area awaits…

  1. Boomtown Fair, just a thought, me and the Mrs was watching the 100 TV show a few weeks back and noticed alot of similaritys between boomtown and that show. The city themes, looks and designs and the logo used by their security guards and boomtown are similar, there’s uses stars instead of three lines and curves resembling the triangle section where yours is lines.

    Even the ai in the show is like boomtown lol

    Are you getting your inspiration from the show?

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