Boardmasters Festival news: We’re already planning Boardmasters 2018 and the whole team is excited to make i…

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We’re already planning Boardmasters 2018 and the whole team is excited to make it the best we possibly can. To do that, we want your feedback! What you loved, what you’d like to see more of and if you think we could improve in any way. Complete the survey and be entered into a prize draw to win one of five pairs of tickets to Boardmasters 2018 👉



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Our wonderful Saturday headliner Florence + The Machine has been nominated for British album of the year and Best female solo artist at the #Brits 🙌 We're so excited to see her perform at Boardmasters this summer - want to come and join us? Hit the link below! ✨
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Our wonderful Saturday headliner Florence + The Machine has been nominated for British album of the year and Best female solo artist at the #Brits  🙌 Were so excited to see her perform at Boardmasters this summer - want to come and join us? Hit the link below! ✨


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Bex Ezra Robert Jeffery-Williams you fancy it?

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Back at Boardmasters 2016, drum & bass DJ Wilkinson and local Newquay surfer Tom Butler struck up a friendship after discovering they are exactly the same age and born on the same day! The music video for Wilkinson's 'Wash Away', released the following year, showcases some incredible footage of Butler doing what he does best.

Hands up if you're going to catch the Wilkinson B2B Sub Focus set at Boardmasters 2019? ✋

Come and join the party this summer from as little as £30 with our deposit scheme:
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Hollie Lee this video gets me so excited for summer

Tommy Butts...😁 great vid

Megan Buckingham cannot wait

Brian Doyle

Roger Rico Rodriguez

i love this song so much!!

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23 thoughts on “Boardmasters Festival news: We’re already planning Boardmasters 2018 and the whole team is excited to make i…

  1. Think the line up let the festival down this year. Very thin on quality across the stages. Not a fan of grime either but accept that’s down to personal taste and I’m not the target demographic audience for a festival these days.

  2. This survey seems to be asking more about your major sponsors than any improvements to the actual festival. No space to even leave general comments at the end either.

  3. I have been for 7 years now and once again I thoroughly enjoyed myself!
    However the one thing that disappointed me was the rubbish bonds. We were all in the campervan section and after a very long heavy weekend we just wanted to leave early on Monday which meant there was no where in our area to prove how much rubbish we had cleared and left our camp spotless. So I am now £70 down as I paid for all 7 of our litter bonds because you didn’t make it clear how to redeem my money. The staff also had no idea where to go!
    Disappointingly it seemed an easy way for you to make even more money!

  4. We had a fab time at boardmasters 🙂 😍
    Filled in the survey but there was nowhere to put additional comments…
    please make this event over 18’s, there were far too many kids there behaving dangerously and knocking over other people (hence the crowd surge at stormzy) it was also too busy this year, think tickets were over sold 👎🏻

  5. Please please please please please try ya best to get some big or big ish alternative rock bands or some metal bands please come on the main stage line ups are all so soft need more variety in the heavier genres

  6. Stay away from school holidays, Newquay is full anyway, the additional traffic just annoys the fuck out of locals. We love BM, bit move it to June or Sept when the Surf is better and Newquay is less busy.

  7. We were VIP and told VIP camping is situated closer to the arena BUT… If you look at the aerial photos VIP camping was equally distant from entrance to arena as entrance to campsite. Maybe making the day carpark the VIP car park and the first field you walk through from the arena VIP would make it feel a bit more VIP. Create a time slot system for showers so you aren’t queuing over and hour (like Disney hotel breakfast so you have a half hour slot to use).

    And £30 for a jolly green? Surely VIP should have some form of concession for that too? Won’t be returning in a hurry unless the lineup improves.

    And no bars sold Diet Coke as a mixer option!!! I had to buy bottles with each measure of mixer. Why???

  8. Need more toilets and showers in the campsite for the amount of people. Toilets needed emptying and cleaning more often as well 👍🏼 staff at the info points also had no idea where things were when asked twice and two different tents. A pharmacy tent would also been helpful! Struggled to get medicine that could have easily been sold and was told to go into Newquay town centre.

  9. After being there in 2016 an it being full of stupid kids….. who can’t handle drink or drugs and reading the reviews this year….you are going to need a much better line up…..and mayb do it during in the exams so not as many jumped up little arseholes turn up ^_^

  10. Definitely bag checks I was shocked mine wasn’t, more security didn’t really see any, I don’t want to see it an over 18 event as I took my 13 year old to see Stormzy and she loved it and nice to see family’s at these events, definitely a barriers throughout the crowd….oh and the most important thing of all more toilets maybe make one area guys and another girls 🙊

  11. Put the Age limit to 18+!! The festi was ruined for me and a lot of my friends by the sheer volume of young, bare topped gurning roadmen who where constantly pushing and barging in people to try and get close to the stages so they could wank over stormzy. “Oh stormzy look at me I’ve got my top off and a bit of plug hole chain around my neck and I’m shouting whoop there it is!” Ruined it this year the little cunts shame cause it’s usually my favourite festi of the year!! Also £10 re entry to the car park sucked abit. Boomtown next year instead

  12. Better security ! the fact I’d paid over £200 for a ticket and people were getting in with carrier bags tied around their wrists for wristbands and some people were even getting in with no wristbands at all is ridiculous. I had my bag searched once and that was because I put it on the table without anyone asking.
    Worst security this year by far !
    Tickets for this year were oversold, I pay the extra to go VIP for less queuing (one of the reasons). The VIP area had just as many queues as the normal main arena bars and toilets because of the VIP upgrade tickets you can now buy so it doesn’t seem to have its perks like it used too

  13. Age limit needs increasing as there were way too many dangerously pissed up teenagers falling about the place. Also serious lack of security everywhere which was apparent with everyone buying/selling/ taking anything and everything very openly across the site.
    Main headliners were just average but the house of Marley, corona sunsets and the point were great.

    Some showers for campervan would be great too seeing as we pay extra!

  14. It is disappointing that there was no question on age limit or travel out of the car park. Having waited over 4 hours to get out on the Monday was horrific and not the start to a long journey that I wanted, it is amazing that getting out of V festival only took 5 minutes if they can do it why can boardmasters not. Under 18’s should be allowed to the festival when accompanied by an over 18 but not to camp,no one wants to see them pissed up and off their faces being carried out by security or starting mass fights in the campsite! As VIP I can’t say it felt that VIP the toilets were dirty and had to wait a considerable time to use them in the arena there was clearly not enough nor enough showers in the campsite (or atleast working ones). I hope this is sorted for next year!

  15. Take it back to basics crica Boardmasters 2015 where it was more intimate, individual and fun, you didn’t have to queue to dance! You could get around the whole festival because you didn’t invite too many people, go back to including bus travel in the prices of the already expensive after party tickets and bring back the dental disco but keep up the good work of the clean portaloos xx

  16. Very very young teens on ketamine!!!! and off there asses on anything else they could find…one slumped child by a loo was 15 when I asked if I could help her too the tent she was staying she couldn’t remember!! Address that boardmasters!

  17. Security was terrible and not to be seen. Everyone walked in with alcohol and backpacks unchecked !!!!!!!!! This was an awesome Boardmasters but you DO need to sort your security with all the threats out there!!!! Also male urinals next to female toilets??? Please sort that out 🤑 xx

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