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Shane Dorian's son Jackson may just be the coolest kid ever 🙌 ... See MoreSee Less

When There Are No Waves!


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Louise Bendall Liz Barette just say the word and i'll build a half pipe in liz's garden!!!!

Chantell Brewster This is what I imagine if I ever get excited about having kids 😅

Stephen Speedi Hornby this is what I was talking about. He's just been signed up by billabong too. Little. Ripper

Steve Johnson this will be your kid

Ok Marta Gomila i Pep Palau Will be Lara like him?? 🤔🙃❤️😘😘😘

Dan Milburn this will be our kid cool as fuck!!

Craig Clayton I want a kid that is this cool.

Shaun Barker this will be Nate 😎x

Lukie onze toekomstige kiddos fo shooo

Paige Batten this is gonna be Tom 👌👌


Mark Galbraith Zoe and Ollie in your shed!!

Hannah Todd this kid is too cool

Alana Holloway Lauren Elizabeth Holloway - if Rex had had a boy 😂

That you Tait Miller

Roxy Patterson 😮😲

Janine Scott♡

Kalem Brown kid rips

James Ellis

Kierran Fairey

Day Bradley

Tom Watkins

Billy Risso-Gill

James Morley

Lewis Payne

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