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NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration celebrates 40 years since Voyager 1 was launched into interstellar space to study the outer solar system.

The spacecraft includes a copy of the famous ‘Golden Record’, complete with sounds and images selected to illustrate the diversity of life and culture on our pale blue dot.

Voyager: The Golden Record

It’s the 1970s, and we’re about to send two spacecraft (Voyager 1 & 2) into space. These two spacecraft will eventually leave our solar system and become the most distant man-made objects…ever. How…

Bluedot Festival


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4 days ago

Bluedot Festival

Immerse yourself deep within the bluedot on our very own YouTube Channel. Subscribe to discover the latest music videos and original content you won't find anywhere else on the planet.

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But where's the line-up? -Impatient in Birmingham

James Taylor can we book yet thank you please

Karen Timson Trevor Timson

Jabber Ish

Who's the music by?


Welcome Bisson

James Collier

Dave Chapman

James Cameron-Lyle

Andy Morton-Smith 🙂 🙂

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6 days ago

Bluedot Festival

Gaze up at the constellations in our Planetarium with educational and entertaining shows about astronomy and the night sky. ✨💫

Join us to #discoverthebluedot from just £159 outright or £34.80 per month on our 5 month payment plan >
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Any news on lineup announcement date?

Ingrid, we will need to visit the planetarium this time 🙂 x

Omg I love this 💘

Andrew Henderson

Terry Baines

Mark Johnson

Had my tickets booked since day one of early bird sales, do you have any artists booked yet, and when will there be an announcement?

Dean Nettles Piercer Alderson

Lilly Jones

Kerrie McSween Lee Sutton it's like your globe.... You guys gots to come! Pay monthly 😎💟

Lindsay Elliott, Tony Harrisment what are we thinking about Blue Dot & camping this year.....

Charlotte Greaves - sound!

Paul Syrett

Rachel Trusdale-Hassall, need to get in there this time!

Deborah x

Louise, Keith, Marius......we need to do this!! Xxx

Jung Chen Niyati Dahisaria soooo cute!!!

Adam William Wilson Nikola Nik Fulierova 🙂

Jannine Taylor

Is the planetarium a permanent fixture now, or is it just for Bluedot?

Gabriella Marie

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Bluedot 2018

Bluedot 2018

Jul 20, 9:00am - Jul 22, 11:00pm

Bluedot Festival; Jodrell Bank, Cheshire
Goostrey,   Map

Join us for an astronomical weekend at Jodrell Bank. Explore music, science, arts, technology, culture, food and film beneath the iconic Lovell Telescope. Prepare to boldly go where no festival has gone before.

We return to Jodrell Bank on 20th - 22nd July 2018.
Weekend tickets are on sale now. Book to discover the bluedot >

Observe. Explore. Experiment.

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