Bluedot Festival news: Explore Blue Planet and Planet Earth with BBC VR

Latest update from Bluedot:

Delve into the deep of Blue Planet to explore the vast oceans and the creatures that inhabit them with BBC Earth’s new VR app with Google.

We welcome Blue Planet in Concert with The Hallé as a Thursday night exclusive to bluedot this year. Extend your weekend or come for the evening >

Explore Blue Planet and Planet Earth with BBC VR

The Beeb has teamed with Google on virtual reality.

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8 hours ago

Bluedot Festival

It's your final chance to vote for bluedot 2019 for Best Medium Festival at the UK Festival Awards, as voting closes 25 October.

Let us know when you've voted for the chance to win a pair of BD20 tickets. Winner revealed 26 October. Thanks to everyone who has voted for us so far!
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I’ve just voted and have been to every bluedot 😃🔵📡

Voted! For you, obv. Best of luck with it.

Voted. Big up for Bluedot 2020

Voted bluedot is spectacular 😀👍

I've voted! Bluedot is the best!! Been every year since the start!

Yea voted for you and future Yard... Good luck.

I have voted! I hope to return to bluedot in 2020!

Voted for bluedot! 🖤 good luck

Hello :) just to let you know that I've voted for you for Best Medium Festival at the UK Festival Awards

Hi, I've voted for you 😊 Thanks for a great festival 2018! One of my most favourite ever festivals, and we're hoping to come back again... Fingers crossed!

Done (But seeing as I only did one big & one medium sized festival this year, it was easy)

I've voted for you in the best Medium Festival category - good luck

I've voted.

First time at Blue Dot this year & we absolutely loved it. 

It was so mind expanding to listen to mankind transmitting ideas & values.

Voted for you, and rightly so! We had a fantastic weekend!
See you next year, one way or another 😁😁😁

I’ve voted.
Best festival,
Best science,
Best music.

Voted. Easy decision, great festival.

Hi have voted for you 😊 would love to have the opportunity to make it three in a row ❤️

Have voted for you- 2019 was my highlight of the whole summer - Would love to be there in 2020 !

Voted for Bluedot in the Medium Festival caregory, great family festival think you have a great chance of winning.😁

Done and done, good luck guys, any festival that can get Kraftwork deserves an award!

I've voted for the awesome festival that is Bluedot Festival and I REALLY want to win&excl;&excl; <3

I’ve voted for you &period; Good luck 🤞

Cast my vote&excl; We love bluedot 🙌

Voted for Bluedot Festival&comma; had a great time at our second visit to the festival&period; &colon;-&rpar;

Voted&comma; always a great festival&excl;

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3 days ago

Bluedot Festival

Will the UK hit its target for net 0 greenhouse gas emissions by 2050? Comedy science panel show Level Up Human debate further, exploring more future ideas that could impact our species in their live podcast.

Watch it back in full from Microdot 001 in association with bruntwood on bluedot digital –!-podcast-(microdot-001)
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