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Bloodstock Festival


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10 hours ago

Bloodstock Festival

The official #BOA19 map 🗺

Which campsite do you call home Bloodstockers?!
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The official #BOA19 map 🗺 

Which campsite do you call home Bloodstockers?!


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I miss this year but next year 🤘🤘🤘

We have camped in asgard last two years, probably stay there this year again

Ragnarok. Need the quiet zone or I’m zoned out for the entire weekend missing all the bands I come to see! It’s not pretty getting older! 🤣🤘🏻🤘🏻

I ride eternal on the Highway to Valhalla!

What's the procedure for campervans? First time this year, just go straight to the campervan field I assume...

Are they different? Only been once and can’t recall. Annoying my mates are staying in a hotel somewhere. I love metal campsites! Graspop is favourite one.

In Niflheim and a tiny bit worried by the distance from the car park to the campsite.

Always Valhalla for 7 years and the best camp site to stop in at Bloodstock

Valhalla for the last 2 years, probably the same this year.

Ironwood for us but we're not coming this year 😭

Always Valhalla 🤘

Ragnarok! Got we like to party... And sleep! Xxx

1st time VIP pod...where is that located? 😊

Camper van site 😊

Loved it in jotunheim last year, gutted it's gone and that the drop off is so far away but will still be awesome as always

Can anyone recommend a camp site for day trippers?

Regnarok for us as taking the mini rocker. Do miss Hell though when it was quiet camp

Where can I buy heroin, 2*6 ft of MDF and pickled octuplets at the festival?

Contractors for me this year 🤘🏻🔥📸

Hel, went their last year and it was great

VIP for us!!! Its my holiday for the year!!!

Ironwood all the way

Valhalla the last 3 times VIP this time

Midgard is our home from home.

Ironwood top end near to toilets in Jotenheim, agggh where has Jotenheim gone???!!! Where will I pee???!!!!! 😂

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23 hours ago

Bloodstock Festival

@heavymetalliftingclub are this years official sponsors of the strongman / woman arena at Bloodstock! The HMLC Merch will be available to purchase at this years Bloodstock, they will be situated in the strongman arena so head over and pick up some Exclusive Merch ONLY available to buy on site ... ... See MoreSee Less


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