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The new blood stage at this years Bloodstock was absolutely incredible! Congratulations to every band that performed the future of metal is in safe hands

Bloodstock Festival


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8 hours ago

Bloodstock Festival


Memes Of Metal
When your Daughter play SOAD - Toxicity

You Must Watch This Video And Tag Your Your Friend !!
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Memes Of Metal


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Shell Oldham this will be Tess in a few years

You Go girl 🤘🤘!

How awesome 🤘

Troy Willett


Craig Meadows

Harley-Mae Marley

Alex Fielding Ivy in a few years x

Liam Tyler

Deon Di Fiore get her on the kit!!

I remember at Bloodstock 2015 Armored Saint brought on one of the band members little kids to play a song as well- the future of metal sure is bright 🤘

Go girl go...

Wow. A shit tonne more talented than a lot of britains got talent contestants

Andy Gibbons Mikey Hayes I've decided to buy a drum kit for LGC for next birthday! Ava needs also!

Joseph David , Ben Hands😍😍😍

Jakke Brown

Anna Mylee

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21 hours ago

Bloodstock Festival

Municipal Waste LIVE Full Set at #BOA17! Head over to the youtube channel to subscribe and stay up to date with all things Bloodstock! Waste - Full Set Performance - Bloodstock Open Air Metal Festival 2017 Ronnie James Dio Stage
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Daniel Lyddiatt

John Harvey Aurélie Bovi 🤘🤘

Bullshit! Nearly broke me glasses on several occasions

Gareth Abbey

Peter Shaun did we see them?

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  1. Never seen that tent as busy as when Raised by Owls were on. Mind you I think a lot of people were trying to escape the horrendous sounds coming from the main stage at the time! 😂
    Best band on the new blood stage for me weren’t a UK band, they were Mist, and they were amazing.

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