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Thank you Bloodstockers for making #BOA17 the biggest yet!!

We hope you enjoyed every minute and enjoyed being back home 🀘🏻

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed it, but there was a few things that bothered me about my VIP experience. Some was admittedly just organisational stuff and miscommunication, but the lack of food in VIP to make space for the great frog was going a bit far. The “replacement” burger van came nowhere near making up for the lack of VIP roast dinner and they kept running out of essentials (sugar, bacon and cup lids). All in all I still enjoyed it but not sure VIP is really worth twice the standard ticket price after this year.

  2. No toilets again in Hel and also could do with either swapping Hel and Ragnarok or having an the entrance to Ragnarok in Midguard a bit daft having people who obviously want to stay out later walking through the camp that has a midnight noise curfew which was adhered to fantastically except for one instance at 2.40am 3 numptys from Ragnarok decided to come stand in Hel and have a very loud discussion about Devilment I could hear them and my tent was a good 45-50ft away from them.

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