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11 hours ago

Bloodstock Festival

Some unfortunate and disappointing news...

Due to circumstances beyond their control, Nails have had to cancel some 2018 commitments and regrettably, that includes their appearance at Bloodstock 2018. We very much hope to welcome them back another time.
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Should have put some money on at the bookies for this one. Could have made a mint. 😂😂😂

updated bloodstock poster


Danny Sanderson FUCK!

Still typical


Should get The Faceless they'll ditch as well. Call it ditchstock, no one shows up; quality.

I still think we should have a flock of line dancers doing some interpretive dancing to the Nails album instead.👢

Death Grips as a replacement act please

Lauren Sharkey

Get soulfly to play instead

Get priest!

Madeline Heredia again


just a hint on who to replace them...

BOA deleted my comment on this thread apparently so I don't mind posting it again: good. This is the second time this has happened, they pulled out of EU shows earlier this year too because they're too lazy to commit. They have terrible ethics, have been openly homophobic, verbally attacked journalists for no reason... Time to forget Nails as a band and move on.

I say we bring on hærken and give the lads the full stage to do battle.

Iron monkey to replace?

Fuck sake 5 times now they have pulled out of performances I was meant to see them at, hopefully Code Orange or Employed To Serve will replace them

Get Power Trip!

I'll fill in for them I can't sing nor am I a good musician, But I can do a little seductive dance on stage to excite the crowd 🙂

bring in electric wizard!!

Alex Bettison

Of course! Who would have thought Nails would be reliable?

I've never heard of them lol 😂

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19 hours ago

Bloodstock Festival

VIP Serpents Lair tickets will be BACK on sale from December 15th! 9am make sure you grab yours before they sell out! ... See MoreSee Less

VIP Serpents Lair tickets will be BACK on sale from December 15th! 9am make sure you grab yours before they sell out!

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  1. Jennie Harris come on tell the fake Steve story 🙂 Been plenty of festivals over the years, 1st time at Bloodstock, loved it, it really was spot on , sound was probably best I’ve heard outdoors.favourite memory just all of it fun weekend.

  2. Epic Viking Rowing during Amon Amarth, throwing crowds surfers up by the 10s at a time during Municipal Waste, The Newport Helicopter, bouncing like mad to Square Hammer and just singing along for an hour and a half or so of Megadeth!

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