Bloodstock news: ODD CREW – Death Trap Official Video

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Bulgarian metalheads Odd Crew also land a Saturday slot.

The band take their influences from classic metal like Black Sabbath through artists like Pantera through to modern day acts like Killswitch Engage.

Check ‘em out storming through ‘Death Trap’ here; The band released their fifth studio album, ‘The Lost Pages’ last year, which you can check out on Spotify or via all major DSPs.

ODD CREW – Death Trap Official Video

Available in iTunes: PRODUCTION: Supers4upen DIRECTOR: Ognyan Kostovski PRODUCER: Preslav Va…

Bloodstock Festival


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18 hours ago

Bloodstock Festival


📸 Photography by Emily Coulter
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📸 Photography by Emily Coulter


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One of my highlights. 💜

One of the best x x x

They were amazing! 🖤

They are and were absolutely immense as always!

Awww wish I could have gone I love them

My fave band at the festival!

Matthew Greywolf always pulls the best faces 😂😂 xx

Every time I see them, this man's facial expressions are just an absolute joy

Shannon Lake

With a performance like that and the songs to back it up, hopefully they will headline in 2 or 3 years. It felt like Gojira in 2016 or Amon Amarth in 2014, top songs, a top performance and a huge crowd loving it all.


Very good..never seen them before.

Avatar got metal

Stole the weekend

These Warhammer paint schemes are getting more realistic by the day.

they was just great

They put on a storming set easily one of the highlights

Jim Ritchie

Dave Sage Neil Hobbs Karen Harvey Powderwolf!! 😂😂

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19 hours ago

Bloodstock Festival

🤘🍻See you next year Bloodstock Festival ... See MoreSee Less



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Fantastic people serving outta the trailer! Lovely chats and the ability to deal with very drunk people :'D

Agree that the staff were great. Always friendly and had time for a chat 👍👍👍🍺🍺


What's gonna happen to the truck now that goblin have changed design?

The ladies staffing that one on friday were brilliant. They also tolerated a group of 7 bursting into song a lot XD

Indeed you will. 🤘🍺

I had a beer from Hobgoblin, but mostly drank Jeiger and Ginger or Rum and coke.. 😋

Loved your fruity cider whatever it was


Can I have that trailer please!!

Giovanni Fregnani pra vc que gosta pouco dessa breja hahaha

Callum Knowles

Could get better than Hobgoblin 🤣 but the one I had wasn't that bad, drinkable, just about

Jamie Gregory 🤢

Nick Austin

With the Master himself, Paul Raymond many of you caught this??

Ian Liggo Liggins

There’s the bastard that stole all my money last weekend

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