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Bloodstockers the queues to get in are a little long this year but please bear with us – we are getting you all in as quickly and safely as possible.

Bloodstock Festival


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FULL Brujeria set from #BOA17 🔥🔥🔥 - Full Set Performance - Bloodstock Open Air Metal Festival 2017. Ronnie James Dio Stage
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The band on the new blood stage at the same time as Brujeria were better 😉


Dim Smoth thought you'd appreciate this

Daniel 😂

Alex Shepherd good times

they aint even mexican lmfao

This was awesome. Shane on bass, ledge! 🤘

Terry Funkhouser they finally uploaded it muchacho

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💥 THE LINE UP SO FAR 💥Bloodstock 2018!

Judas Priest 💥 Gojira 💥 Nightwish + LOADS MORE!

Tickets are available at
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💥 THE LINE UP SO FAR 💥Bloodstock 2018!

Judas Priest 💥 Gojira 💥 Nightwish + LOADS MORE!

Tickets are available at


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At the gates please


The Haunted?

I'm still waiting for the Wurzels to be announced -_-

Toto or gtfo bloodstock

Kay Blades <3

Sophie Platts

Can we start having some actual metal bands booked?, less devildriver , combichrist, jasta, mr big, fozzy and Wednesday 13 please.

If you also managed to get Bloodshot Dawn and Allegaeon, I would love you forever

this has to be the most Schizophrenic Festival line up ever your bookings are all over the shop atm

Nervosa would go down well!

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  1. As long and frustrating as the queues are I get why they’re there, I just wish the entrance was a little bigger so as not to slow everything down so much. From parking the car to having the tent pitched and ready for the weekend took nigh on two hours.

  2. What can you expect for the festival selling out? It just shows that you’ve done a fantastic job this year.
    Maybe widen the entrance for next year? Everyone will be happy after they’ve got their wristbands.

  3. I stood for 4+ hours my feet have blisters, my hands have blisters and I’m not supposed to stay out in the sun for too long (due to previously having cancer) and I was in 20°c+ for 4+hours……my heads spinning my feet are killing…..if your going to do more intensive searches have more staff…..I’m not a happy camper 😠.

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