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🔥 Gojira 🔥
OUR BLOODSTOCK 2018 HEADLINERS! We love these guys at Bloodstock and cannot wait to have them back on the Main Stage 🔥 Watch their full #BOA16 Set here!🔥 REMEMBER: All tickets for 2018 are currently on sale at a discount rate for a limited time only!! Get yours NOW

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#BLOODSTOCKTV An interview with David Sanchez of Havok!

Get over to youtube for more exclusive interviews and content. Sanchez - Havok Interview - Bloodstock Open Air Metal Festival 2017. Ronnie James Dio Stage Bloodstock TV Interview
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Havok are cool. So are Warbringer.


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  1. We were on the New Blood stage right before these guys went on Main stage in 2016…one of the best moments of that year was chucking our shit in the back of the van and running to see these guys destroy!

  2. Couldn’t care less about the moaning. I’ve watched 3 headliners during my bloodstock history and still thoroughly enjoy the festival. There are 4 stages, strongman, comedy, vip, drunk people and an art gallery to look at. Stop moaning about 1 band who deserves to be at headliner level and will put on a good show. Here’s a secret… You don’t have to watch them!

  3. Personally, I hate the band, so have no interest whatsoever in seeing them next year, but the crowd’s reaction when they were announced was pretty insane, so obviously there’s demand to see them, so that’s cool. I just hope the third headliner is strong and not some retro rock band that hasn’t been relevant since that one hit single they had in the 80s.

  4. Gojira were so well received when they played 2016, more so than Mastodon, the actual headliner. Why wouldn’t they book them for headline spot? If anything it shows the organisers are listening to what people like

  5. 90 minutes of Gojira is just fine with me! Their last album will be a couple of years old by then, so we may get to hear some new material 😀
    Although, this will be the 4th time I’ve seen them and they’ve never played ‘The Art of Dying’ before. Pretty please, guys?!

  6. Gojira bore the absolute shit out of me, both live and on record, just don’t get it at all. But it’s great to see Bloodstock giving smaller bands the chance to headline, it’s what will help take them to the next level and ensure we’re not stuck with the same old same old. Admittedly they did only play recently but they always go down a storm. I don’t care for Nightwish either but they’re huge at the moment and another good booking. Hopefully the final headliner will be more to my tastes (Emperor, Sabaton or Opeth would do) but either way it is what it is!

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