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EARLY BIRD TICKETS FOR #BLOODSTOCK18 ARE NOW ON SALE! Already announced are Gojira & Nightwish 🔥🔥
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#BLOODSTOCKTV An interview with David Sanchez of Havok!

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Havok are cool. So are Warbringer.


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  1. Theres a limited amont of bands who can headline. So new ones are needed. Amd as Boa is a smallish fest its good the’ve given bands their first taste of headlining.. Decapitated will be the next band to step up.

  2. What happened to all the bands this festival started with? Bands like, MASTERPLAN, BRAINSTORM, PRIMAL FEAR, STRATOVARIOUS and the likes?
    What about KAMELOT? And what about the complete HELLOWEEN that’s currently touring? They would make a great headliner.
    But for me, I think SIX FEET UNDER would be perfect on this festival. About time they came back to England.

  3. The thing is what big bands are going to play under them? Pretty lame headliners hope Sunday night headline is judas priest who are a rumour. What about a real top thrash act to headline.

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