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Bloodstock May Q&A

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2 days ago

Bloodstock Festival

Who can forget this 🙏🏻🤘🏼🙏🏻🤘🏼🙏🏻

Bloodstock Festival
PIT SANDWICH at Power Trip yesterday at #BOA18 #Repost Power Trip ・・・ the crowd made and ate a pit sandwich for lunch at @bloodstockopenair. we went on before noon and played to maybe our biggest crowd ever! thanks for having us england, we’ll be back next year.
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Sam Lloyd. Joe Rees


On way too early but glad I made the effort but way further up the bill next time please.

Class band.

Nick Parry I missed this 🤨😂😂 I was in the rear with the gear 😁

I was right there

They were excellent!

One of the highlights of the weekend. Loved these guys.

Regan Walker forget bobbing your head lightly and muttering "tune" when the beat drops


Jo Hinchley Show this one to Emma 👍🤘

Connor Mollison spilt my beer during that...

Simon Mason

Beth Freeman Dale Harrison loool

Marc Hemming your kinda mosh pit 😂

Joshua Owen Eayrs

Martin Bishop🤣😂

Oskar Fabianczyk🤘

Brett Granger need to get back

What a set Waylon 😂😂

Lee, Jacob, Laura and I all in here

Richard Horton. Fuck off in advance

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2 days ago

Bloodstock Festival

Check out Code Orange’s Reba Meyers new signature guitar with ESP Guitars 🔥🐍

Don’t miss Code Orange on the main stage at #BOA19

Code Orange
introducing ESP Guitars Reba Meyers signature guitar. the first ever ESP signature by a female guitarist 🔪changing the game one step at a time
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24 thoughts on “Bloodstock news: Bloodstock May Q&A

  1. Uprising at leicester that will hold m2m finals is 25 of May with more bands including BLOOD OATH before hand on 24th and bands aftermath 26th. Check the bands out!!!!

  2. Not sure if either of you sent the tweet about “how much of a metal weekend are you having” but I was the guy doing to 645ft Bungee last weekend 😀

  3. Sorry if someone has already asked but will the drop off be back in its usual spot this year? Moving it so far away last year really made getting in a lot more painful.

  4. The BEST band to headline would be Anaal Nathrakh! Remember the crowd they pulled into the Sophie tent in 2012, people left Dimmu Borgir to go and see them and there was no room left in the tent.

  5. I went first in ’14. So much better than any other festival I’ve been to and it’s turned into an annual pilgrimage for me and my friends. Keep on rocking guys!

  6. Last year was my first time at BOA – absolutely amazing! Going VIP for the first time this year. Also, it was nice to meet you Vicky, Adam and others 🤘

  7. Me and the Mr went VIP this year so couldn’t afford her ticket this year! 😭 Started her first full time job this week though so she’s clinging onto hope 😉

  8. I purchased Wi-fi last year so I could contact my friends in different camp but it didn’t work at all 🙁 Poor signals. Any improvements to that? Or just send smoke signals?

  9. I enjoy one band and after just went out to my car to pick somethng. Unfortunately because i had day pass security didnt let me back in so I
    payed £80 to see some indian band.

  10. I was too nervous to meet you last year in vip vicky, can I say hi with my dad and possibly a photo? Please would make my festival…. Been going since 2013!!! Unfortunately no dad this year thank God!

  11. Thank you for booking us on the Sophie stage this year. We’ll be bringing our biggest production / show to date, with carnage from start to end m/

  12. I have been to every single boa….ever. worried I might not be able to go this year because of MONEY :'( entered your newsletter comp might be my only chance.

  13. Can’t wait to attend my 4th BS. Was just wondering, what’s the thinking behind outlawing gazebos? It’s not a space issue, there was loads of space.

  14. DANG! I missed this but really wanted to ask a question!

    2018 vs 1970. How different have the struggles to avoid the ‘Precocious brigade’ and in our music scene ‘the PC brigade’ made it more difficult, or easier, to sort a festival these days?

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