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711… the number of crowd surfers during Municipal Waste! A new Bloodstock record!!

Bloodstock Festival


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19 hours ago

Bloodstock Festival

Which 3 bands would you love to see at Bloodstock that have never played?! ... See MoreSee Less


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Jinjer, infection rain and lacuna coil

Cattle Decapitation, Exhumed and Jungle Rot!

Epica, Epica, Epica

Arkona, Cruachan and Heidevolk.

Body Count, Power Trip and Triptykon !

Gwar, Parkway Drive and Thy Art Is Murder

Monolord, mindkult and slomatics 馃馃

The Unguided Nightrage Mors Principium Est

Soulfly or Cavalera Conspiracy

Subservience Aklash Vehement

Clutch, Iron Reagan, Midnight



Joan Jett and the Blackhearts MALEVOLENCE Nasty


body count,jinjer and maximum the hormone

Heidevolk Twilight Force and Gyze!

Uncle acid; church of the cosmic skull; Barbarian Hermit

Dethklok, Triptykon and Drone.

Clutch Vader Karma To Burn

Batushka, Amenra and Incite.

Life of agony, crowbar, baroness

Skeltonwitch or obscura

Twilight Force, Zeal & Ardor, Apey & the Pea

High Spirits. Parkway Drive. Black Stone Cherry

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21 hours ago

Bloodstock Festival

Did you catch DEVILMENT at #BOA17?! For tickets and line up to next years fest, get over to ... See MoreSee Less

Did you catch DEVILMENT at #BOA17?! For tickets and line up to next years fest, get over to


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Daniella Leopard Dylan Jones 馃槀馃槀馃槀

Yea, they were fucking dreadful and he was basically a massive Bellend. Blatantly Little man syndrome

Unfortunately I did yes.

Yeah loved it! Met them in the signing tent, hope Cradle of Filth get announced!!

Awesome band, the sound was abit lost on a day time open air stage but I鈥檓 glad Dani Filth is a decent enough bloke to forgive all the fucking cunts in the metal scene (refer to comments in this post) and come back to Bloodstock after what happened last time. Hopefully Cradle will come again next year.

Please don't announce them again. Dani is a knob

Yes! And they were amazing, some sound difficulties but the same happened to a few bands throughout the day... And they were awesome in the signing tent! He was so nice to me and gave me a hug and let me have a pic even though we were like the last in and the guy said no pics! So what鈥檚 all the shit about him being a dick?! 馃檮

Phil Sparks ?

Have to admit, they weren't for me.

Nice makup Kale A. Deane

Gazz Cavalera Do you remember last December, winters temper, flaccid member 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

Love Devilment...and Cradle. Have met Dani and he was totally fine! Cradle for Bloodstock!

First time watching them and meeting the band. Was always told Daniel was a dick, but honest truth, I've never felt so appreciated as a fan when speaking to him. Even went out of his way to shake my hand again as I was leaving the tent. I really don't understand the hate. The performance was fantastic and my mates who were with me were pleasantly surprised how good it was. Would be great to have cradle there again. They have reformed themselves the past couple of years and have never been better! I try and be unbiased about cradle as I am a big fan. I can critique on some of there stuff as I believe they have released some pretty week music in the years, but they have also released some incredible music. Hope to see them back.

Nah.. didn't fancy the idea of bleeding ear drums in a field!

Love Cradle, but this band is just a so dull

Sam Brunt Kim Brunt

Yep I saw them for the 1st time and ironically I was listening to Cradle of Filth this afternoon too.

Listened to a couple of songs before danis screeches went through my head and I walked away

Stuart Brown is that you lol

He over uses the screeches in this band.

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