Bloodstock news: 50 DAYS UNTIL #BOA19

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50 DAYS UNTIL #BOA19 🔥🤘🔥

Bloodstock Festival


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15 hours ago

Bloodstock Festival

Happy Birthday to the legend Rob Halford! 🤘🏼⚡️ tearing up the main stage here at #BOA18! Who was there?! ... See MoreSee Less

Happy Birthday to the legend Rob Halford! 🤘🏼⚡️ tearing up the main stage here at #BOA18! Who was there?!


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We share the same birthday, so happy birthday Rob see you when JP support Ozzy

I was. Great set.

Amazing performance!! Loved it!!

Brilliant set absolutely perfect sound off the stage . Whoever did the sound that evening deserves an award

For some reason I was in a really shit mood that evening. Then Priest took to the stage and all was right with the world again. My absolute favourite band

I was, always great to see Rob & the guys🤘

Yep. Awesome performance.

My first time seeing them live , awesome.

I was there! Priest were there. That's all the feeling I have about that!

Yeah I was there priest killed it that night Awsome show

Was brilliant, so many highlights - Glenn playing onstage, Sinner, Turbo Lover

All the years of waiting and Priest certainly delivered the goods .

Me first time seeing priest and enjoyed more then I thought

Awesome set!

Glen coming out to play brought a tear to my eye. Legend.

Of course!

Me, not seen Rob/Priest for about 30 years, was awesome 😀

I was!

best band ever at b.o.a.🤘

Scott Wright Ben Ashton we were there weren't we boys. Happy birthday too this man

Hope you've got Priest back next year... Wacken have... So you might as well 😁

I was and they said they'd be back!

They were phenomenal! After I watched Alien in the new blood tent, shit faced yelling "don't go in there!"


Me! 🤘

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16 hours ago

Bloodstock Festival

Sunday service at Bloodstock 🙏

📸 : Phil Wallis
... See MoreSee Less


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Does he do this for the entire festival or just the Sunday? Seems a bit sad to me like

Only Jesus can perform such miracles!

Buddy Christ!

bloodstock jesus loves everyone 🤣

I met him. Nice guy. He's totally cool about the dying for our sins thing

He forgave my sins (which was nice).

I got one from Sunday!

Buddy Christ

We love you JEBUS🤘🤘

YES! I suggested that we get a 3D photo of Jebus in the Buddy Christ pose - so glad it came out so well! :D #BloodstockTV

Hey buddy

Ha ha nice guy, he gave us a blessing...cleanse the soul free the 😈 😈


Love this so much, how do you take/ put 3D photos on Facebook?

Super cool gordi !!

Got so tired of the fake Jesus's at Bloodstock! Maybe they would have been funny if I was 15! Grow up please!


can't avoid lord jesus, amen

I helped this guy crowd surf at Municipal Waste 2 years ago. (I think)

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