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Bloodstock Festival news: Verified Page

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Bloodstock Festival news: Verified Page

Latest update from Bloodstock Festival

When the gates to Bloodstock open for 5 DAYS of metal mayhem

Bloodstock Festival


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10 Responses

  1. Travis Jarppi King says:

    Look at all those chickens!

  2. Callum Henderson says:


  3. Cieron Browning says:

    One day Ryan Evans

  4. Sean Feeney says:

    Zaquiel Lucien Hawkes Michael Brown us next August 🤣

  5. Nigel M Aston says:

    Wish I could say it won’t be like that but it will

  6. Jim Lawrence says:

    good luck getting them wristbands n bag searches done 🤣🤣

  7. Sam Harris says:

    Lmao the first pit

  8. Marc Layley says:

    Siobhan this is gonna be us

  9. Steven Butterworth says:

    I’m Gonna need some metal after all this, my hearing has recovered and not got any cuts or bruses

  10. Debra Tucker says:

    We won’t be THAT restrained 😂

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