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Bloodstock Festival news: POWER TRIP – Full Set Performance – Bloodstock 2018

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Bloodstock Festival news: POWER TRIP – Full Set Performance – Bloodstock 2018

Latest update from Bloodstock Festival

Power Trip full #BOA18 set


POWER TRIP – Full Set Performance – Bloodstock 2018

power Trip – Full Set Performance – Bloodstock Open Air Metal Festival 2018 . Ronnie James Dio Stage http://www.bloodstock.uk.com

Bloodstock Festival


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13 Responses

  1. Francesca Paradise says:

    Loved this set! This is where we discovered power trip and became huge fans!!!

  2. Bryan Hughes says:

    Fuck me did they rattle some skulls first thing in the morning 🤘🤘🤘

  3. Lewis de Banke says:

    R.I.P Riley

  4. Darrell Moreira says:

    I was there, awesome energy and one of my favourite #Bloodstock sets! Their new track kicks like a mule too. Such a tragic loss…..

  5. Ashley O'Brien says:

    I was looking forward to seeing these guys play the next chance I got, after hearing so many positive reviews about the band and their charismatic frontman. Sadly I now won’t get the chance to see this line-up, but I hope once the band has mourned, they come back just as strong and I’ll get to go and watch them.

  6. Josh Gonsalves says:

    They were one of the best bands that weekend.

  7. Jonathan Cousins says:

    Fantastic set. Great day. What a tragedy!!!

  8. Chris Clarke says:

    They was probably the highlight of the weekend for me! 🤘

  9. Δημήτρης Τσούπρος says:

    “You guys are the breakfast club , don’t you forget about me”
    This line of his comes to my mind pretty often. It’s sad cause if he was still here, in 5 years top they would have reached dinner club status.

  10. Michael Belshaw says:

    What a great vocalist and front man! Smashed it at download festival 2019

  11. Daniel Connelly says:

    They were awesome live! Every time they hit the stage they killed it!

  12. Dave Gittins says:

    Another one taken too soon. Rest in Power Riley. ☹️

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