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Latest update from Bingley Music Live :

Who’s feeling Sunday at Bingerz?! 🙌

Neon Waltz, Black Honey, Hollie Cook, Pulled Apart By Horses , Marmozets, Peace and RIDE to name a few. Oh, and of course… Noel Gallagher and his High Flying Birds!


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2 days ago

Bingley Music Live

Just 2 weeks till Shed Seven, Jake Bugg, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds grace Myrtle Park! 🙌

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Just 2 weeks till Shed Seven, Jake Bugg, Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds grace Myrtle Park! 🙌



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2 tickets for sale face value £75 each

I can’t get there now because of the rail strike. Can I get a refund?

Two adult tickets for sale as they won’t refund.

No refunds available, I'm selling my weekend tickets due to health reasons and the chair ban. Just want face value £75. Private message me if interested. Cash payment on collection from Low Moor Bradford. Thanks

Two under 16 weekend tickets up for grabs

Put better larger on this year. Not Fosters!

I wanted to take my chair It’s the only reason I came to this festival

Adult weekend ticket for sale £75

Under 2 weeks before Adi Shires is a mess on a Monday again

Sophie Bottomley yeeeeees

Leanne White

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6 days ago

Bingley Music Live

It's happened again... we've been hit with a potential rail strike on Saturday 1st 🤦‍♀️🛤

We'd like to know how many of you this will affect so we can do all we can do all we can to get you there!
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Why you even asking? You've not replied to most questions that have been asked of you regarding food etc.....very disappointing before we've even got there. You've not taken into account health care disabilities and good old money!! Tickets are expensive without added costs....😨

The sooner Northern Rail have the franchise taken off them the better!

Can I get a refund on my earlybird ticket? Extra costs of food and alternative travel is breaking me

Went last year for first time. Didn’t like the “once your in, your staying in” rule especially considering the Q’s and the cost. Won’t be going again. Had a good time round Bingley for a few days though as camped at The Bees.

Travelling by train and already got tickets ffs

I hear it might rain as well!! along with the lack of food, the inability to sit down I now have the extra expense of having to buy a raincoat COME ON BINGLEY SORT IT OUT😂😂😂

Becki Lee Stephanie Lee Kate Pennington Nick Sedman Helena Wiggins Phil Wiggins Lydia Thornton Martin Thornton and anyone else who’s going! Again..How annoying!

Northern Rail should keep on striking while the idiots upstairs realise that one man crews fly in the face of Health and Safety, that is the employer has a legal right to ensure the safety of its employees and service users. No other debate needed

Ryszard Bator we will av to get a taxi. Maybe pick peeps up on the way down.

Let’s just hope Bingley Music Live weren’t silly enough to let Northern Rail sponsor the event again as they ruined most people’s Friday experience last year. Especially after spending 4 hours trying to get there and finally arriving to find Thank You to Northern Rail for supporting the event flashing up on the big screens ever 5 mins. Someone was definitely taking the Micheal!!!!!!!

I am sure they will put free buses on now they are ripping people off with food prices !!!!

Caroline Carrington see .. we weren’t meant to go this year 😂😂😂 bring on next year ❤️❤️

More inclined to cut our losses and miss based on ridiculous food rules

Be plenty of seating and all the food left behind that people couldn't take in at the train station so no one will go hungry!!!

appalling northern rail... unimpressed that this shower couldn't negotiate properly

I walk it there and back from Keighley so no worries for me

Last year they ran trains a bit latee 9ish on strike day, this time they seem to finish at 7

It’s defo the getting home that’s the issue

Coming from Skipton, that would be a problem

Coming from Silsden if anyone wanna share a cab back give us a shout.

be right just need to find out who is going and arrange mini bus

I'm not coming cos I can't bring a bag bigger than A4😁

grr this is a pain! seems to be a regular occurrence.

It’s not getting there, it’s getting home that’s the problem.

I could walk if i needed to!

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