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Thank you everyone, that’s our first day with Manic Street Preachers finished. What a fantastic start to BML17!

📸: Paul Stonelove

Bingley Music Live 1/2/3 September 2017


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Bingley Music Live 2018

Bingley Music Live 2018

Aug 31, 12:00pm - Sep 2, 11:00pm

Myrtle Park, Bingley, BD16 2, United Kingdom Map

After our biggest ever year broke records and sold out in advance, we are back in Myrtle Park bigger and better than ever... ⭐️


5169 interested  ·  1058 going


  1. Loved all of it – Cabbage, Twin Atlantic, Maximo and Manics. All brilliant! Could do without the pissed up idiots but meh, every festival has its share of them. Roll on tomorrow – Milburrrrrn!!!

  2. Music line up is great, organisation very poor. First and likely last visit to this festival. Searched and treated like a common criminal on the way in – can’t bring your own alcohol & then charged over the odds & have to queue for ages to get a beer once you were in. Some Bright spark on bars thought it was a good idea only to serve bitter in one bar. And don’t get me started on how dangerous it was getting out clambering up wet grass banks…

  3. I would much rather they checked all of the bags etc properly than let in everyone without doing so. We were queued for a while to get in but were handled efficiently and respectfully by the staff. Go ahead and take your time checking people’s stuff people because I value my safety and everyone else’s.

  4. Good night, all festivals like this charge over the average price for drinks and food, have long queues for everything and no control over what the weather does. Only thing to consider is the exits which did seem to be much more congested than in previous years. Thanks Bingley organisers, looking forward to tomorrow.

  5. Great gig but waited 20 mins for a drink then gave up. Very disappointing we ended up leaving early then popped out via gin bar on way out which restored our faith as we got a drink, went to the loo and listened to rest of maniacs, hoping this gets sorted for tomorrow. If you can’t bring in your own then this is enough to put many people off! Xx

  6. Bingley fest I’d of rather of gotten the train and had a beer or 2 (not your fault) drove from Doncaster parked up at your park n ride at 7.15 got in the venue at 7.40 about 10 back from the front for the manics top nite and got back to the park n ride at 9.40 well chuffed thanks 👌

    To all moaning about the price of food and drinks sadly it’s standard procedure now it’s £5 a pint in nearly every 02 venue around the country get a grip if it’s too dear dunt pay

  7. Unfortunately bar waits are the norm at festivals. It’s such a shame that you can’t leave and re-enter anymore due to the increased security measures which have arisen through the terrorist threats

  8. Manics fantastic, also liked Maximo and Twin Atlantic. Cabbage not as bad as expected but stop mumbling at your audience when talking to them. No probs getting in and bar queues usually spike between special guest act and headliners anyway. Real step up with food vans this year. Only done one day this year but had a good one.

  9. Gutted that my hubby boss wouldn’t let him out early. So after dropping kids of at camp site, driving back to hotel, taxi back to fest and our kris fetching us back absolutely great night take away, gin pizza can’t wait for tomoz Neil Bucknall Bryony Jackson James Waterhouse Kris Dale can’t wait to throw myself about tomoz xx❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Beer queue was abysmal – no hiding it, young kids no idea what they were doing, queued 55 mins for drinks, ordered 4 pints and 6 bottles of coke and he had no idea how much it should be, travelled 2 hrs and missed first half of main act! Oversold tickets, massively packed to the point it was concerning for those who brought their kids – not good BML shame on you

  11. People.yoy were at a festival. Get over your queues. We had a great time and my only warm is that the website definitely said no umbrellas allowed but people.were let in with them so security not as tight as it could be. Also not sure if it said no chairs but yes they were allowed I. Don’t advertise items not allowed if security are clearly allowing them in. All in all though as usual had a fab
    Time. Bring on tomorrow

  12. Need to take a leaf out of Beatherders book they let you take up to four drinks into arena, have little bars dotted all over and reasonable prices too! Put me off from going today now. Might spend more time in my camper lol xx

  13. I am trying to understand why everyone thought queue times were acceptable just because it was a festival, sorry but over half an hour to get a beer wasn’t great. Been to other larger festivals this year and didn’t queue for a drink like that. Hope they have a better system tonight so we don’t have to leave early.

  14. Must be some firsts timers on here . People moaning about security , price of beer and food , rain etc . It’s the standard at festivals. This place runs like clockwork compared to some , look what happened at Hope and Glory in Liverpool . Fantastic night , bands great Manics just smashed it . For the moaners keep away today then we might get drink a bit quicker . Bingley , Bingley

  15. Pleeeeease sort the kids out at the front. Put a fenced area off to the side….8ft high….preferably electric (oh no wait – that’s a cage!). No just control them better. Also, don’t forget to widen the exit tonight BEFORE people leave. Otherwise – all good 😊

  16. Maximo Park and Manics were awesome and the sound engineers had it spot on this year compared to last year’s fiasco with The Lightning Seeds. Popped in Aldi for my food supplies before going in to the park so was set for the night. A bit of forward thinking works wonders and you don’t always need alcohol to enjoy yourself. I was driving back to Leeds and had a great time. Looking forward to Pete Doherty and Kaisers tonight 🎼🎶🎵

  17. Why bother to search people when people were clearly being allowed in with chairs,and they weren’t even asked to take them out of the bag,anything could’ve bene smuggled in,it was another great night though,I hope queuing at the bars is going to be amended today.

  18. Loved the Manics last night… excellent Gin bar and cocktail bar but did arrive early… wonderful choice of food stalls.. couldn’t get tickets for today but will definitely be booing early next year 😊

  19. Big bar queues are par for the course for full capacity events and a half hour wait isn’t that unusual plus its not like you’re missing out on the music. Peaked just before the Manics but quietened down as their set went on. Bar staff seemed fine yesterday but there was a lot of bar staff milling about aimlessly without any urgency when I went to Let’s Rock Leeds. That was a 45 min wait minimum.

  20. Appreciate its a residential area and they don’t want people and music all night, but a 9.30 curfew seems way too early and means you have to condense the bands and their sets. Just an extra hour meant Manics could’ve had another 30 minutes and Maximo/TA an additional couple of songs each. Or even just kept the set lengths as they were but push everything back an hour meaning those running late or rushing there from work would’ve caught more of the action.

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