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Only 4 Fridays to go Bingerz! 😘


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3 days ago

Bingley Music Live

It's happened again... we've been hit with a potential rail strike on Saturday 1st 🤦‍♀️🛤

We'd like to know how many of you this will affect so we can do all we can do all we can to get you there!
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Why you even asking? You've not replied to most questions that have been asked of you regarding food etc.....very disappointing before we've even got there. You've not taken into account health care disabilities and good old money!! Tickets are expensive without added costs....😨

The sooner Northern Rail have the franchise taken off them the better!

Eerrrrmmm trying to deflect your new food and chair rules 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Why don’t you run a poll Would you have bought tickets if you knew the new rules? Yes or no? See how that goes down!!!

I’ll be flying

Let’s just hope Bingley Music Live weren’t silly enough to let Northern Rail sponsor the event again as they ruined most people’s Friday experience last year. Especially after spending 4 hours trying to get there and finally arriving to find Thank You to Northern Rail for supporting the event flashing up on the big screens ever 5 mins. Someone was definitely taking the Micheal!!!!!!!

Travelling by train and already got tickets ffs

Becki Lee Stephanie Lee Kate Pennington Nick Sedman Helena Wiggins Phil Wiggins Lydia Thornton Martin Thornton and anyone else who’s going! Again..How annoying!

Can I get a refund on my earlybird ticket? Extra costs of food and alternative travel is breaking me

Ryszard Bator we will av to get a taxi. Maybe pick peeps up on the way down.

appalling northern rail... unimpressed that this shower couldn't negotiate properly

I am sure they will put free buses on now they are ripping people off with food prices !!!!

Northern Rail should keep on striking while the idiots upstairs realise that one man crews fly in the face of Health and Safety, that is the employer has a legal right to ensure the safety of its employees and service users. No other debate needed

Caroline Carrington see .. we weren’t meant to go this year 😂😂😂 bring on next year ❤️❤️

Went last year for first time. Didn’t like the “once your in, your staying in” rule especially considering the Q’s and the cost. Won’t be going again. Had a good time round Bingley for a few days though as camped at The Bees.

Be plenty of seating and all the food left behind that people couldn't take in at the train station so no one will go hungry!!!

I'm not coming cos I can't bring a bag bigger than A4😁

More inclined to cut our losses and miss based on ridiculous food rules

Coming from Silsden if anyone wanna share a cab back give us a shout.

I walk it there and back from Keighley so no worries for me

It’s defo the getting home that’s the issue

Last year they ran trains a bit latee 9ish on strike day, this time they seem to finish at 7

Coming from Skipton, that would be a problem

be right just need to find out who is going and arrange mini bus

grr this is a pain! seems to be a regular occurrence.

It’s not getting there, it’s getting home that’s the problem.

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4 days ago

Bingley Music Live


We know the updated dos and don'ts have caused some panic so we've made some adjustments to clear things up a little!

While we're aware these changes are a shock to the Bingerz faithful, they've been made in compliance with the local authorities to ensure the safety of all festival goers, and are no different to any other festival in 2018!
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We know the updated dos and donts have caused some panic so weve made some adjustments to clear things up a little!

While were aware these changes are a shock to the Bingerz faithful, theyve been made in compliance with the local authorities to ensure the safety of all festival goers, and are no different to any other festival in 2018!


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Okay guys.... we've reached a compromise and got rid of those pesky blind doggos! Updated Dos & Don'ts:

As much as we love all dogs, blind or otherwise, it's supposed to say guide dog 🤦‍♀️

I nearly tripped over a chair 4 years ago and it really hurt my back! Thank you BML for changing these rules. Phew!! X

An A4 size bag per person what a piss take

Can you tell us why we can’t take camping chairs please?

Are we even allowed to breathe there? 😂

People will be dropping butties off with drones

Breach of 2018 contract!!!

‘Blind Dogs’? Do you mean Guide Dogs 🤦‍♀️

I am going to Hardwick Live in County Durham this Sunday (primarily to see PIL - also at Bingley but I’m working that day) and they are exactly the same. We were gonna take chairs and a picnic - it’s a lovely spot - but we can’t. Exactly the same rules.

Long time Bingley goer. And someone who does multiple festivals each year. Utterly disgusted by this list. Festivals all over the country with much bigger crowds than Bingley don't feel the need to ruin it for everyone because of the behaviour of a minority. Personally I don't take my own chair or food but half the charm of this festival was seeing people meet up with people and set up their little communities, sharing food and stories of the rest of their summers festival going. If chairs are a pain near the stage, implement a no chair zone like Glastonbury do. If they make it hard to get to the loos, put pathways in like other festivals do. If people are smuggling drugs and drink in, search them properly rather than the half arsed, can't be bothered numbskulls who allow it to happen every year. Bingley YOUR inadequacies have made you p1ss off hundreds of loyal fans by being utterly thoughtless and belligerent in your approach. Last one for me I fear.

Great decision to ban camping chairs Bingley they’re a pain in the arse. People use them to reserve space and think they’ve got a god given right to be there because they have a chair and have a go at people stood in front of them. It’s a festival not a village fete, if you want a picnic go to the park 🙃

Bingley music live, I have to Carry epi pens plus medication plus have other disabilities due to auto immune problems, I hardly leave home and have been looking forward to this for ages as I can’t eat out and have to miss out on most celebrations due to severe food allergies which cause me to go into Anaphylactic shock at a seconds notice so I can’t eat from the food vendors or go into Bingley for food. I’m gutted that I can’t even take in food that I’m safe to. Isn’t this discrimination to people with disabilities and against the disability act of 2010 !!!

As I said when the line up was announced its a great line up but it’s definitely changed from the ‘family’ festival it was to a ‘proper’ music festival. The no camping chairs should have been announced straight away and not 3 weeks before the event.

No chairs or tables well done bingley carnt take them into v fest glasto etc whys it different here last year was a joke if you want to sit on chairs all day put a cd on at home

Really disappointed with the food rule. We’ve had a fantastic time at Bingley for years and being able to bring a great picnic is part of it. It’s not true that all other festivals are doing this (e.g, Leeds Festival). Why should it be any different when this is supposed to be a small, family friendly event. Save the pies.

I have a particular issue with the food rule, as someone who is a vegan and went last year, i was pretty disappointed with the choices, i’m also worried about people who may be intolerant to certain things/have food allergies. Personally I brought food with me last year along with snacks as it was a necessity due to lack of choices/high prices. I would hope that with banning food there will also be catering which adheres to people’s dietary requirements. If this is the case then I will be happy to hear about it.

Enjoying the comments on here for better or worse so throwing my tuppence worth in. Compared to other festivals, Bingley Security is usually pretty strict and some of the most jobsworth of all. believe me, and my friends refer to them as Bingley Nazis as they are so strict. They've even been through my wallet and queried Rennie's as drugs! Good look to the man who can get off his tits on a settled stomach. Plus anyone who does gigs and festivals will know for obvious reasons security has increased over the last year's. Chairs are a pain in the arse and people genuinely take them in,take up an area of Bingley land the size of China and get upset when you walk in their area. Good riddance to chairs. Bring a blanket and sit on the ground. Plus if you read it says there is LOADS more seating which means the chair army can argue amongst themselves and not have a go at me when I go to the bar/loo Food, yeah don't get this one as it seems a bit harsh, but it won't affect me as eating is cheating. That said, anyone who is anyone knows you can get a bottle in a pringles tube, or stash miniatures between your butties, or a knife in your chocolate cake, like prisoners who escape jail. Kids running round.... Weren't any of you young once? Give them a break. Yeah some of them might be nobheads, but they can't buy alcohol inside, so BML aren't to blame for that. What actual trouble do they cause other than enjoying themselves??? Personally the territorial chair army brigade cause me much more hassle. Give them a break, you were 16 once, and I'm pretty sure some of you were prize winning dickheads. Enough about blind dogs Hearing dogs? Does this mean deaf dogs are not allowed in? #JusticeForDeafDogs Some of the above rules are implemented by some but not all festivals. Glastonbury is the only festival I've been to where you can take your own booze. Maybe the food rule has come about because of the amount people bring in and the clean up afterwards?? Not all of you I grant, but there are some messy folk out there. I've also been to loads of festivals where you can't take in chairs. People moaning that BML making money need to get a grip. Remember a couple of years back when it was nearly the last one because it cost the council too much?? Of course it's supposed to make money, I think you'll find most festivals do make money. Anyway, I go to BML every year and I love it. Its one of my favourite weekends of the year. Look at the value for money. I'll have great time there this year as always, and I look forward to seeing some of you moaning miserable sods there. Lastly #JusticeForDeafDogs

It's a music festival. Not a village fete. Standard festival rules are being applied for the safety of everyone.

Bingley Music Live I am very disappointed that you have imposed the no chair and no food ban 3 weeks before the event, if I would have been made aware of this prior to ticket sales I would not have purchased, as 1; I have a mobility issue and can not stand for long periods plus find it very difficult to get up and down from the ground and 2, my son has food disorders, so what the hell am I expected to feed him. As for the statement of being inline with other festivals, chairs and food are allowed at Glastonbury and tramlines!! Will a refund be available for people who no longer wish to attend due to the new imposed rules??

Well done BML. Nice bit of commission on the food stalls who can ramp up their prices to whatever they want. No camping chairs, another great one. A lot of people won't want to stand or might not be able to stand for long. Price of the ticket was high enough but bunging the food on top makes it even more expensive nevermind the watered down alcohol.

I’ve been going to this festival since I was 6 years old with my parents , this rule list is an utter disgrace , no food allowed ? Well I’m sorry but I don’t wanna be eating rubbish unhealthy food from one of your overpriced food stalls , none of it is healthy , BML is just becoming more and more of a money making process , so much for a family festival ?

Won’t make a difference to me personally but the two specific changes re no food (particularly when your original t&cs said it was allowed) and no chairs made after the tickets have sold out are pretty disgraceful - and please don’t try and weasel out of it by squealing health and safety - the rules haven’t changed in years

Is this a joke? I went to tramlines the other week and burgers/chips/hotdogs or nachos etc. were all 8 quid each... I've been to the isle of Wight festival for the last 4 year's as well has numouruos others and never paid that much for food! Also all of which you can take in whatever food you want too! This will be my 6th year at Bingley and its always ace because it's family friendly including been able to bring in food... as someone who will be coming for the full 3 days i don't want to paying extortionate prices poor quality over priced food. Not suggesting I will be bringing in a sack full of food but I expect the same as other large festivals to be able to bring in some fruit and snacks and other bits and pieces I'm there to see the band's and pay a fortune for food... as I know all festivals set a limit on food prices and ultimately the base price I hope your taking this into consideration. As for the size of my bag what do you mean by A4 I take it you mean an average sized rucksack... I'm not a big lady but even I can't fit my hoody into a piece of a4!!

Tell you what Bingley Music Live, why don’t you also ban loud music and alcohol. Both are bad for you in the long term. We could all sit on the grass, around a campfire and sing some polite songs whilst eating greasy take away food (oops, that’s bad for you too - it’ll have to be vegan only, perhaps some humous and carrot sticks?) Actually, scrap the campfire as someone could burn themselves. Fucktards.

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