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Bingley Music Live news: Happy Black Friday! Here’s a lovely interview & game with The Harriets….

Latest update from Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival :

Happy Black Friday! Here’s a lovely interview & game with The Harriets.

EVENT: Bingley Music Live 2018

Bingley Music Live


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5 months ago

Bingley Music Live


Bingley Music live will be taking a year off in 2019.
The three-day music event, which has been a popular fixture on the festival scene over the years, will be taking a fallow year in order to give the land and local population a break as well as giving the organisers a chance to take a breath and evaluate the future delivery of the festival.

We know Bingley Music Live will be missed by the many people who have grown to enjoy it. We’re also aware that the event has been a boost for the town’s economy and we’ll be working with local Bingley organisations to look at what else we might be able to do in the area. We believe that taking a year out will allow for the delivery in 2020 of a well-planned, financially viable and sustainable festival that provides a great experience for visitors to and residents of the district.

While there will not be a Bingley Music Live in 2019 there are still lots of great events across the district this year for people to enjoy. Some of which include the Dragon Boat Festival at Saltaire in June, Bradford Festival in July and the UCI cycling world championships at the end of September. More details on events around Bradford and district can be found here www.visitbradford.com/events
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Try this option instead.... let a well established local music festival promoter use the site to put on a well organised grass roots event involving only local suppliers, support them with as much donated council infrastructure as they need, remove unnecessary restrictive obstacles and work as a team allowing the promoters to take the financial risk instead of the council taxpayers...downscale a little and stop trying to bring ‘Elvis’ or ‘Rolling Stones’ to Bingley, stop trying to compete with the big boys, use the massive ocean of local talent desperate for exposure..and bring back a well managed, well behaved family event to be proud of....... just saying..πŸ€”

Fallow year??? Are you adopting this as part of a new system of crop rotation, which has been considerably more widespread since the 14th century when John Lloyd invented the patent crop rotator?

Your statement is taking the piss to be honest and rubs more salt in the wounds. You should have just come out and told the truth that you messed up and that you couldnt organise a piss up in a brewery. who was doing the maths??? Diane Abbott??

To give the land an locals a rest is bullshit, this is the end of BML pure and simple. It was the biggest and best event in the whole of the district and because of bad management, overspending and not doubt somebody somewhere lining their own pockets the people have to suffer. Another nail in Bingleys coffin, oh wait a minute we could always open another supermarket πŸ™„πŸ˜‘

This is a shocking decision. A fallow year in order to give the land and local population a break is just a lame excuse to cover the inept organisation and financial loss of last years event. Once again Bradford City Council have shot themselves in the foot. They removed the previous organiser of the event (the person who had built the festival up into one of the best small music events in the country) from his post and put someone else in place. The event lost money, failed to secure headline acts and was definitely inferior to previous years. Who will suffer the most from this own goal by Bradford City Council? The retailers of Bingley, that's who. This event is a lifeline to small businesses in Bingley but once again BCC ride roughshod over outlying Ward areas to favour the labour Council Wards closer to the City. It makes you wonder if the decision to replace the previous successful Organiser with someone else was all part of a bigger picture. Bradford City Council you should be ashamed.

A fallow year πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ its myrtle park not worthy farm ,,, at least have the decency to tell us the truth and admit you ballsed it up and left it too late to organise cos your useless instead of lying to us all and making out like the park needs a year off to recover.. pathetic excuse and a total slap in the face to all the people who have been waiting since xmas for news about it... hang your heads in shame Bradford council,, 1 for messing it up and 2, for then coming out with the worst excuse ever instead of just saying " yea were sorry we've left it a bit late and messed up this year .. shameful 😑😑😑

Absolutely disgraceful. Heads should roll at Bradford Council for their incompetence, indifference and total disregard for the effect on Bingley businesses. Start with Hinchliffe and England, two overpaid, inept and inadequate leaders. This event will not come back, BMDC will find more pet projects to fund in the City Centre with the outer districts Council Tax increased payments. Shame on them.

Preferred the old style one, turn up with a picnic, chairs and have a nice day out. Far too corporate nowadays, I’ll stick to Roberts Park.

Bradford clowncil 🀑 Enough said...... 🀦🏻‍♂️

This is absolute Bullshit. This festival has run brilliantly for years so what on earth has gone so wrong. Was it worth overspending on last years acts for this to happen. You don't need top top acts for this festival to be brilliant. Please go back to how it used to be instead of trying to compete with other festivals around the country. Also why has this announcement come so late. People could have arranged to attend other festivals. Not good Bingley not good.

Just a thought, the money you wont be spending on your BML ticket, go see some great local bands, grass roots music, playing for bugger all at smaller venues, cheaper beer, meet the bands without all the bullshit, usually a fiver or seven quid in, some great little places in the area.

Support local music for all ages. The talent in and around the Aire Valley is amazing.

Land needs to recover? In that case is Bingley Show cancelled as well give the land time to recover from the people, the horses, classic cars and tractors??? No didn't think so.

If I take my band and play an acoustic set in the middle of the field will you all come and watch. Support the local businesses? Yeah? Cool. See you there.

Bradford council should be hung, drawn and quartered. This event helps the LOCAL community in Bingley and surrounding areas, not the centre of Bradford, which is ALL the council think of. Please note there was one suggestion when looking at what to do with BML, that they move it to Bradford. Yes the the ‘BML’ would have stayed the same, but who would want to stay in Bradford, when they’ve been used to the beautiful area of Bingley and the local people and businesses. SHAME ON YOU Bradford council PEOPLE PLEASE REMEMBER THIS WHEN VOTING IN THE NEXT LOCAL ELECTIONS Rant over

Cheers BML entitled people crying now thanks

So so disappointed have always put off other festivals for bingley music festival. This festival was always free up to the year Gareth Gates was on the lineup . so why not go back to how it was? It was intended to be a festive of Music for up and coming new bands and acts as well as some older ones on Friday night for us older ones . Always ends up about the profit margin 😑

On more positive note, local band FLING who are doing well at the moment with airtime on Radio 1 and Radio 6 following their appearance at BML16 are going to try and put something on for the music lovers of Bradford https://www.facebook.com/163357560682991/posts/870665793285494?sfns=mo

Utter shambles. The only good thing to happen in the Bradford District. Better spend the money on another new playground down Leeds road.

I hope the Council are going to knock every other festivals on the head, especially the religious ones! πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©

What a load of bollocks. How could they not make money selling that witch piss larger for £4.50 and that £2.50 bottle of wine for £16.00. They knew this months ago. Now everywhere else is. Sold out. We should all go down with a getto blaster and have our own

Not sure what angers me most. Bradford Council cancelling this fab event or that they think we are all stupid enough to believe their ridiculous reasons ??? 😑 Fallow year means Bingley show also cancelled? Bingley Town Council were you aware?

And to then say " but theres a dragonboat festival in roberts park " are you for real ,,,, really πŸ€” step down or what for people who were expecting to be at a 3 day music festival in the sunshine... on our fallow year why not go to the dragon boat festival instead πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ whos actually wrote this pathetic excuse statement anyway,,, probably the same people who were left in charge of organizing BML ,,,, No wonder it didnt happen ... feel totally let down and then kicked in the kahunas again with this terrible excuse of a statement 😑

Oh well at least I can go to the dragon boat festival. Who's headlining that?

Thanks Bradford Council for ruining yet another event...greed and politics prevail again So all the hardworking people who look forward to events such as these suffer again, as do all the local businesses that probably need this as much as Christmas. So when more businesses have to close the council can enjoy more empty buildings in their towns, it seems that is the ultimate aim. Sad times and the end of an era as I for one don’t believe it will be back 😞

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