Bingley Music Live news: Did someone say DAY SPLITS and TICKETS? …

Latest update from Bingley Music Live :

Did someone say DAY SPLITS and TICKETS? 😘

You lot bought up so many weekend tickets, we’ve had to bring them out a little early! 💁‍♀️

Grab yours while you still can… 🎫💨

EVENT: Bingley Music Live

Bingley Music Live


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25 thoughts on “Bingley Music Live news: Did someone say DAY SPLITS and TICKETS? …

  1. Bingley you need a word with the event organisers. CLUELESS. PIL below cribs??? And Marmozets behind Ride and peace. I’m a massive ride fan but this is a homecoming for a band who are smashing it at the moment. Kerrang album of year, nominated again for new album and a band with Masses of energy and they are so far down. Oh dear, oh dear. Someone’s fecked up.

  2. Michael you won’t be seeing me at that price pal. I love Ride but I saw them doing a full gig for half that!! Think BML are getting greedy. Can’t justify that day prices v weekend prices. Leeds fest day ticket split v weekend isn’t as harsh as that. And the days are shorter than Leeds fest. And more stages to choose from!!
    Bring back party in the park for a fiver I say.

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