Bingley Music Live news: ️ We have a little information for you all regarding permitted items and set tim…

Latest update from Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival :

⚠️ We have a little information for you all regarding permitted items and set times!


Bingley Music Live 1/2/3 September 2017


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  • What about chairs/buggies etc?

  • Dose the no alcohol on site mean no beer tents?

  • A3…. Going to have to get my tape measure out! The forecast for Friday & Sunday is a tad pants. Was hoping to pack my winter woollies! Oh well….

  • Anyone selling any tickets for the Saturday? Will pay full price!

  • Are picnic blankets also allowed and how much food? Enough to fit an A3 sized bag?? 😜 I don’t mind these requirements if we are kept safe. Sign of the times I’m afraid.

  • Nick Mackley might be useful to look at for your travel on Sunday?

  • A3 get grip bringing 2 kids and got to fit it all in an a3 sized bag that you have just dropped this info you say pack for every eventuality rain sun snow now you say pack it into an a3 size bag that along with food for 2 kids in a day so will leave some in parents house and go out to get them but no I cannot leave is this a festival or guantanamo ,come on bml sort it out .

  • Could you tell us what time the first act will be on the main stage on Friday please? I’m coming from work and don’t want to miss Cabbage. If they’re on at 3.30 or something I need to make arrangements, if I can make it after work I won’t. Please help!

  • Lee Lee Malcomson…8pm headliner.. Is it normally so early? X

  • Bml you shouldn’t of just sprung this rule on festive goers like this
    Why now that’s crap after all the years there has been no problem why spoil it ??

  • Why can’t time sets be shown ahead of the show, all other festivals are moving on from charging you for a programme by putting the set online or with an app. Some people are coming from work!

  • Maybe should also mention that there is a train strike on the Friday?

  • It is a shame that a few idiots have led festivals to do this, but I would rather feel safe, good call BML

  • Some people will moan about anything…… Sell your tickets if you’re not happy….

  • Andy Walker Richard Spedding did you know it is closing earlier than usual? Not sure if you were aware for the bus… also Andy no bags bigger than a3 . xx

  • 9:30 close on Friday? As in. That’s it and you leave or are the beer tents left open etc? Never been before and only festival I have been to is Leeds fest thanks

  • How many cheese slices am I allowed in my cheese and ham sandwiches?? Also what dimensions for said slices ?
    Thanks in advance 👍

  • Katie Binks Not impressed with no release of band times but You can BUY the programme inside! Cheeky sods 😤

  • Disgraceful that you tell us this information after a) we’ve already bought the tickets and b) 2 days before the event. Some people have bought the tickets and planned this weekend for months. Yes I “insist” on taking a bag and my “own food” as you don’t provide food that I am not intolerant to. No one minds the bag checks but the bag restrictions are a joke.

  • So is a rucksack an A3 bag or do I have to keep eyes on a 5 year old I may or may not be allowed to take out of the event and a hand held bag? Year 10 of coming and already feeling like a stress we won’t endure again

  • People complaining about the size of bags etc A3 doesn’t state how many A3 bags!

    I also bring my child to BML and I want my child to be safe!

    So if having a smaller bag means I am keeping my child and family safe so be it!

    There has been plenty of terror attacks recently and a big festival is a perfect target so let’s all work together at looking after each other and enjoying the festival

  • Pathetic……really pathetic. Could you tell everyone when they can clap, what colour clothes they can wear, what brand of wellies. Are we allowed to bring our own sarnies/ is there any ‘taboo’s on fillings etc. Am I allowed to break wind, can you stop the rain if people get annoyed, etc, etc, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah.

  • I can’t believe people are moaning about safety after everything that’s happened this year so far. Organisers could just pull all large events but that would give terrorists what they want so, I don’t think extra security is too much to ask. If your not happy don’t go!

  • Some right bell ends coming to this festival by the comments on this page.. how dare the organizers try to make a decent profit or keep us safe eh??

  • Went to Blackpool live wire event lSt sat same crap won’t be goin again had my bag thrown away by staff as if I went out I couldn’t come back in fgs

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