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Bestival news: First wave of Bestival 2018 acts announced……

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Bestival news: First wave of Bestival 2018 acts announced……

Latest update from Bestival

First wave of Bestival 2018 acts announced…

£149 Early Birds available until 2pm Thursday: http://www.bestival.net/tickets



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24 Responses

  1. Brad Cotton says:

    Kane Holt omg

  2. Daisy Wiles Holt says:

    Vanessa !!! omg

  3. Laura Steel says:

    Emma Woffinden so solid 😂😂😂

  4. Ben M-Webb says:

    Melissa Atkins – Early bird tickets still on till Thursday!!

  5. Joe Keehan says:

    Max Reid round 2?

  6. Josie Podbery says:

    Douglas Evans yay or nay

  7. Annie Williams says:

    Iona Purvis Izzy Lewis m9

  8. Emily Woodfield says:

    Thea Mayeux Natasha Tudor Zoe Aronson MIA!!! Jorja Smith!!

  9. Aliza Charania says:

    Can we Bridie Middlemiss

  10. Kirsty Williams says:

    Charlotte James Tokyo Sex Wail?

  11. Sophie Adoniaa-Rose says:

    Myfanwy Farrell I wana go xx

  12. Charlotte Corbett says:

    Talia Eaton lets GO

  13. Claire Rachel Umney says:

    India Madi Adam yesssssss bloody happy with that

  14. Amy Bliss says:

    Harriet Howarth Hollie Chambers Megan Emily please please please

  15. Ricky Hill says:

    Zoë Samantha Christopher Wilcock grace Jones part 2

  16. Daisy Banner says:

    Kali Thompson Lily Hodgson whos on a falafel hypeeeee???

  17. James McLarnon says:

    christ. london grammar are the most boring band in the history of recorded music. i’m sure they are really nice kids and they are super talented but if they are a Bestival headline quality act we may as well pack up and go home now.

  18. Lauren Jessica Davies says:

    Judy Phillips I know loads of them… x

  19. Tim Cooper says:


  20. Rosie Whillock says:

    Anna Honey OMG I AM SHOOK , SO READY 4 DIS

  21. Lisa Naughton says:

    Owen Foster LETS GO

  22. Joel While says:

    Grace Gadd oh lord mura made and london grammar and mia and chaka khan and jimmy cliff and django django and sundara karma and rudimental

  23. Danni Dyer says:

    Shall we watch MIA again due to the last nap I had with her 😂 Emily Grace Duckworth

  24. Rachel Sweeney says:

    Holly Allen it’s dreamy 💗

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