Bestival news: 149 acts. £149. Early Bird prices end 2pm today. …

Latest update from Bestival

149 acts. £149. Early Bird prices end 2pm today.

TAG your crew you’d like to bring and SHARE for chance to win Backstage Camping for you all.

Winner picked on Friday.



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24 thoughts on “Bestival news: 149 acts. £149. Early Bird prices end 2pm today. …

  1. Jack Paxton Adam Cherbetji Dominic Stevens Al Gibson Matt Ford now wouldn’t this be a treat for the Stag? May the festival god’s shine down upon us and the upgrade bestowed!

  2. 2nd of August is my birthday so I guess I should celebrate with the missus Claire Black my festival mate Gordon Tough and my bros Brendan J Black and Freddy Black or maybe even shorty Dylan Black but I’m might not be able to see anything stood behind him

  3. So far our crew consists of Myself, Jack Thompson, Jenna Hodge, Lydia Courtier, Danielle Chick, Elijah Thømas, Mexico Jones, Emma Jones, Rhiannon Eluned Main, Evan Rhys Thomas, Sam French & Rachael Rice, possibly more! Loved going to Bestival since 2011, Backstage camping would be mint this year 😁

  4. Hey Mr da Bank.
    You haven’t only gone and done the impossible and bagged Daft Punk have you? 👽 👽
    Also is the Fortune tellers glove swap a clue? ✋

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