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Some brilliant performances this weekend at BD2017 including from Frank Turner (great photo!). What were your highlights?

Show 2087, Beautiful Days Festival – highlight of the summer.

Beautiful Days Festival


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WANT TO PLAY AT BEAUTIFUL DAYS 2018? The Levellers will choose two new/unsigned artists to play slots we are holding on The Band Stand and in The Bimble Inn. Deadline 20 April 2018
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WANT TO PLAY AT BEAUTIFUL DAYS 2018? The Levellers will choose two new/unsigned artists to play slots we are holding on The Band Stand and in The Bimble Inn. Deadline 20 April 2018 


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When you say new!, Do you mean new as in young musicians or new as in never played there before ? Us old Bleedin'Noses been trying for a gig at BD's for years when we were young and new, well younger away 😜.

Eleanor Hawley is this your kind of thing? X

Cheers Justine i have forwarded it to the cascades lads!! Xxxx

WednesdayAndrews, ddon't know if you want to tell King Creature about this... No idea about their signed status.

The Lures would suit this propppeeerrrrrrrrrrr

Scr Hz / Mike - it’s time to reform. We might be able to get DBP down as a special guest.

Shame they can't give some tickets away know that the price has increased so much

Marianne Scarfe this came up and reminded me of our conversation! Something a bit different xx

Thanks for that Flower x

Jack by the hedge Jamie Bowen?

Jake Sorbie - you and your flat mate - you r a little drumming ⭐️ xx

Calum! Regretta Garbo at Beautiful Days 😊

Hayley Chillcott? Maybe for you? Beautiful days is one of the best festivals out there. So maybe worth investigating if it’s your thing. X

Amba Goodwin Tremain this is an amazing festival I normally go every year do you know anyone who would be interested xx

Twig Mayhew not sure how they feel about metal but still xx

David Fletcher - may I leave this in your more than capable hands..? Freeborn Rising would be so at home.

Tom O'Hagan reckon we should sign up, son

Derek, Richard........ Me, Laura and Isabelle already have tickets!! 🍻

Does this apply if you've already erm.. applied?

AJ Mayhew you on the list for beautiful days????

Have you seen this Chris Startup?

The Band Stand stage is something else . A very special part in a very special festival. So much going on around there. Great times playing with Dambuskers last year and much more.

Oscar? I’m on my sick bed at the mo otherwise I’d fill it in. X

Jess Kelly please read these links and see what u think!! X

Dave Donaldson this going to be great wkend 😁 but not so great in a tent lol

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Festival tickets are on sale now!
Are you going to be at BD2018?
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Festival tickets are on sale now! 
Are you going to be at BD2018?


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πŸ™ So many disabled people can't go this year because of the tent size restrictions on the accesable camping. Couldn't belive how many heart broken people there were leaving comments. Oh well, Download it is then. They are fantastic with disabled familys. Who would belive the hard rockers was so humble compaired to a what was a fluffy festival.

Blimey!! Β£142.50 + booking fee. Looks like ill be going through the bins down on hope street to afford it this year


Yes ! πŸ€— now to arrange a dog sitter.

Tickets bought, but over Β£20 booking fees! Seriously?!?!?!

All booked - Claire, Paul and the children! Are you going to be there this year Kathryn?

Considering going with extended large family. Are there camping pitch restrictions and how near to the camping is the car parking?

Got mine! 1st time for me at Beautiful Days...cant wait!

Jackie Lumsden Dylan Tierney any of yas fancy this with me?? It’s levellers personal festival they throw every year!!! Be a cheap flight to London then train unless somebody drove it

I don’t have a problem with the price really, it’s the increase in crowd numbers last year that was most definitely noticeable! No more on either account please πŸ˜€

Uncoolest festival in the world, but Levs are at cropredy which may well cater for disabilities better, not that that that excuses bd for not being accessible

Wow BD is getting expensive. 15th now for us. Can't wait. I can understand the disabled camping problem though. It's only a tiny area. We're getting a smaller awning as ours felt too intrusive and big for the area last year. Shame they can't get a bigger disabled area to accommodate us all. still soooooo excited can't wait to see who's playing

Got our tickets but what is really %$!"* me off is people who are buying up tickets to sell at a higher price! they are not festival people but they stop real fans of Beautiful days getting their tickets 😀😀

It took 45 minutes but now ordered πŸ˜ŠπŸŽΆπŸŽΆπŸŽΆπŸΊπŸ·πŸŒžπŸŒ™πŸŽ»πŸŽΈ

I don't know ...maybe if you told us who the acts are before selling tickets

We’re all going three kids under three and us two whoop whoop oh and drop the dog off in Devon why we at it ... cheese

Got mine 3mins after they went on sale πŸ‘Œ family holiday to see the Levellers 😊 x

Got mine! Will be mine and my sons first time... we can't wait!! 😁

Whoop whoop! See y'all there. Tickets in the bag πŸ™‚

Tickets bought whoop whoop

Yay!! Got my tickets!!xx

Just ordered mine xxx

Got mine xx

Got β€˜em !!!!

we're going !!

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Beautiful Days 2018

Beautiful Days 2018

Aug 16, 2:00pm - Aug 20, 12:00pm

Escot Park
Escot Park, Devon,  EX11 1 Map

Beautiful Days is the Levellers’ family music festival organised by DMF Music which takes place at Escot Park in Devon with 7 stages, amazing site art, a huge children’s area, comedy, theatre, family camping, licensed real ale bars from Otter Brewery & a great choice of food and craft stalls. Beautiful Days has no sponsorship, branding and does not advertise. TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW!

4805 interested  ·  1293 going


  1. Obviously the Levellers, but Frank Turner was ace and The Cuban Brothers were worth getting drowned for! Plus N’Faly…. That man has the most infectious smile in the world!! Thank you!

  2. There are a few highlights this year – Funke & The Two Tone Baby , Gaz Brookfield & Company of Thieves, Frank Turner & The SleepingSouls, Winter Mountain. All totally brilliant. Thank you 😊 for a great festival!

  3. Scott Doonican of the Bar-Stewards, crowd surfing on an inflatable dingy, whilst performing a House of Pain cover, with Eliza Carthy accompanying on fiddle.

    Or did I dream it?

  4. We were returning to the festival after a break of a few years.We loved the vibe of the Bandstand and also loved seeing Gaz Brookfield and Frank Turner again. We had lots of fun and giggles and loved all the effort people put into their costumes. Just really loved it. Thank you to all those involved .

  5. Levellers, Frank, Dubozia, public service broadcasting and ferocious dog, all amazing. Special mention to noble jacks, check them out of you’ve not heard them. Also thanks to Dan the hat, Firery Jack, and the people who ran the Lego tent.

  6. New Model Army- Sisters- Therapy?-Levs – the food was good..the games area was great, I think it was Firey Jack’s? Giant chess etc. But the people were splendid- So many smiley happy people! Thanks, we will be back πŸ™‚

  7. Hayseed Dixie were totally amazing as well as The Bimble Inn, awesome!, the people, & of course The Levellers, Bimble Inn again!! First time at Beautiful Days & totally loved it! Will be back! β€οΈπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸŽ‰πŸŽΆπŸŽͺπŸ’ƒπŸ₯‚xx

  8. Levellers/Lakeman football match in the kids field. Hilarious mayhem! Such good sports. Summed up the spirit of the festival. Community, family, anarchic fun. Thanks guys. Those kids will never forget that. Hope Seth didn’t take too long to recover from his foul!

  9. Frank Turner, Ferocious Dog, Gaz Brookfield, Lightning Seeds, Raging Fyah – amazing festival – our 5th year on the trot – can’t wait to get muddy in a field again next year!

  10. The Doonicans and Gaz Brookfield (brilliant as always!), Lankum who I caught by chance sheltering from the rain and thought were beautiful, Sean McGowan was fantastic, Jake Martin too, and of course Frank Turner and The Levellers!

  11. Frank Turner was best set I’ve seem in 20 years. Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott were brilliant, Ian Broudie with the seeds hit set was a treat, Glen Matlock was superb and David Wax Museum was a discovery

  12. Doonicans, Waterboys, NMA, Heaton and Abbott, FD, Lightning Seeds and SLF were my joint favourites. If I was pushed I’d say SLF. Unfortunately missed PSB and the Levs due to early departure.

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