Beautiful Days news: Great photos from the Main Stage and The Little Big Top at #BD2018 Thanks Phaze …

Latest update from Beautiful Days:

Great photos from the Main Stage and The Little Big Top at #BD2018 Thanks Phaze Photography 📸

Main Stage:
The Dualers
My Baby
Vintage trouble
The Hives

The Little Big Top:


Beautiful Days Festival


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3 months to go!! ☀️🎪🎶 🧚‍♀️
Over two thirds of the tickets have been sold
Have you got yours yet? #BD2019
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Steve Ball Mark Hewett

Karen Claire Standring

James Evans Kate Evans

Andy Rimmer

Skunk Anansie, brilliant band would love to see them again. It’s been 20 years

What a silly question 😍😍

Jen Jenn your first “proper” festival!! 👍🏻😊 ⛺️🎼🍻

Still time Lizzie Loopin and Oliver Joseph 😘😘😘

Caz Thomas-white? Have you? X

Daisy get on it 🎫 x

Andy Schofield scary

First time at Beautiful Days this year, can't wait. Hopefully the weather is kind to us.......

Loving the line up, but the festival as a whole hasn’t really changed over the last few years. Food outlets exactly the same, in the same places. I guess the things that make it what it is are also the things that end up becoming a bit stale. We’ll be there though 🙂

A sign of how Beautiful Days as gone downhill, it used to sell out in May, I loved this festival for years, but I think they got a bit complacent and are now paying the price.

Jamie Tomlinson

We’ve got our tickets and my 16 year old son who has D.Syndrome and Autism reminds me every day that he’s going to a Levellers carnival (he won’t say festival) bless him

Still excited to learn who the special guests are....... soon I hope :-)

Beans on Toast is a great name for a band!

Oli Pringle

Its a given, each year regardless of the line up. Atmosphere and shennanagins make it what it is. A BLOODY GREAT WEEKEND

Guy Robinson! 😉

Can't wait

Yep! The line up is the stuff of dreams for me this year!!!!

Sian Waite there's still tickets. 😉

Tony Palmer Can we consider getting tickets please?

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Sunday theme for #BD2019 is FAIRY TALES……..have you decided who you are going to be? 🧚‍♀️🧙‍♂️⚡️
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Richard Abbott

Louise Fewings😲

Emily Claire

Pete Hackett

Ursula the sea witch! I hope Disney counts!

Andrew Bushy Haigh, let's go for (many) drinks and work something out lol

Nicky Bailey - they must have known you were coming! X

Beth Jones what we going as hunny

Michael Paul Wickens RIchard Knight Karen Knight Barry Ellis Nicky Buttle Lynda Chambers Helen Wickens Peter Wickens Jamie Wiggins Claire Wiggins we need to sort this

Emma Collins well that’s fun

Sarah Dobberson

Abigail Lea Sarah Jane

I cannot wait!! My bf has just bought me tickets for my birthday ;)

Mel Darch Beth Simons

Sarah Dobberson

Jade Bowker

I decided before the theme as there's 8 of us, only one choice!

Abbe Martin


Hannah Buckler 🧚‍♀️

Looking forward to this event and don't forget to take a Festival Friend to this event and keep your drink safe

Julie Peters 🧚🏻‍♀️😍

🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄 Shrooming it up!!

Rebecca Lipscombe 🧚‍♂️

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