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Beautiful Days news: Feels good to announce refillable pint cups for Beautiful Days 2019. For just £1…

Latest update from Beautiful Days:

Feels good to announce refillable pint cups for Beautiful Days 2019. For just £1 you can buy a refillable pint cup from any of the bars on site. Swap it for free for a clean one each time you buy a drink. At the end of the weekend – take it home #RefillNotLandfill #relaxwithanotter

Beautiful Days Festival


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Who do you want to see at Beautiful Days next year? 🎶
Tickets for #BD2020 go on sale Friday 27 September
Hope to see you there! ☀️🌈🍻❤️
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Who do you want to see at Beautiful Days next year? 🎶
Tickets for #BD2020 go on sale Friday 27 September
Hope to see you there! ☀️🌈🍻❤️


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would love to see Flogging Molly again! We keep hoping they will return eventually!

New model army please, my family are coming for the first time next year and I’m unable to make any of the NMA dates this year and the new album is incredible

Dreadzone, Ferocious Dog again, Dropkick Murphys, New Model Army, The Waterboys, The Wedding Present (might be able to convince my husband to come then!), PJ Harvey, Massive Attack, The Hu. The Levellers would be good too 😉

stereophonics would be awesome

The Cure would be amazing!

Also get some local talent in give them a boost we have so much upcoming bands down here and with a lack of venues this would be ideal maybe have a voting system get the community involved or something in the way of a battle of the bands in areas around Devon cornwall and somerset

I loved seeing leftfield there, amazing!

Oh and Rootjoose! They were mega and all over the place when I was a student.

Manics again, stereophonics, system of a down, Travis, Smashing pumpkins, Kings of Leon.

Coco and the Butterfields, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Jamiroquai, Morcheeba

I would love love love to see funke and the two tone baby in the little big top! It would be great to have Samantics in there too. ❤️

Loads of old bands that were big in the nineties but have just done some new stuff, they mostly have one or two original members. Maybe a few top tribute acts.

Waterboys, charlatans , wonder stuff, James. Bruce Springsteen? Just thinking of how I can lure my partner back after a slightly stressful BD this year! Oh and the cure for me please. And those ferocious dogs.

Alabama 3, Dub Pistols, The Specials and Morcheeba would be amazing please 🤞🏻🤞🏻😍👍🏻

Oh and lay lines, they where awesome, first time I’ve seen em, won’t be the last though 👍

Dubioza Kolektiv (loved these guys, amazing!!), Gaz Brookfield, The Hunna. Skunk Anansie would be great as we missed them this year with the weather and having a little one wet through after 2 lots of waterproofs soaked through. Fingers crossed will be back next year!

and Morcheeba and Skunk Anansie again they were my absolute highlight of 2019!

Just copy and paste the line up for Incider in January, that would be proper😎

I say this every year...but, The Cat Empire! And maybe Save Ferris.

The Waterboys were in my dreams last night, so I guess it must be them.

Hot 8 Brass Band Echo Town (much higher up the bill than this year) The Specials

The dead south, skinny Lister, placebo, reef (it will be 4 years since they were last there...so surely they can come back?!),suede, pixies,

Erm..Bleeding Hearts please. It will be 14 Years since we were last there and it will be mine & our special Bleeding Anniversary in 2020 (you do the maths) Would be fab if Headsticks, Folk The System & Sons of Clogger & Jess Silk could join us, oh and the Pixies please 🙂

Seth lakeman, sound of the sirens, the wild hearts, coco and the Butterfield, cabbage, beans on toast, molotov dukebox, electric swing circus, me and Niamh Cole can do your set list if you like, thanks x

Waterboys leylands ash cara Dillon. Mary black.. van morrison.. hot house flowers.

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2 weeks ago

Beautiful Days Festival

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Was a great festival this year and my first. I hope to go again next year.

See you there :)

It’s my husbands birthday on the 22nd! Beautiful days makes his birthday every year, but to be on his actual birthday he is so excited already! 🎂🎁🌞

Already booked it off, bloody love beautiful days 😁

My beautiful days love it so much X

Fantastic event this year in every way,roll on next year.

Will definitely be back again next year with the family great festi

Hopefully I will be there stewarding for Oxfam again and meet up with all you lovely people. Xx

Going to work will be a bit more BEARable knowing that this is in my diary. 😁


Hi I wanting to go with my family next year with my own caravan do thay let you do that in the family field

Whooohoo !

Already booked the weekend off work.

we’ll be there👍🏼

You want us back in the theatre tent, we will come!

Have it booked off as holiday already 😁😁😁

Me and mrs lambert will be attending 🤪

Definitely going 2020. 👍🥰

Hoping to be back in 2020 😍

Annual leave booked whilst stood in the Big Top this year 😀

Kariss Holgarth, pop it in the diary, you beautiful human x

Time booked off already and its mine and the other half anniversary as met at bds in 2018

I’m there 💜

Sarah Stuart..I know you wanted to know dates x

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  1. Drinking and dancing! 😲? Dislike sloppy spills? Warm beer or cold hand? There’s no law against having your tipple in a good thermal cup with a lid! Bring beautiful days 🙂

  2. Outstanding idea. A great keepsake for them that want. You might want to consider printing the line up on them and have a sippy top to keep the waspies at bay. Many may still just be discarded perhaps you could run a completion for the kids who hand them in to dedicated return/recycle point. A parent could sign them up with a good prize for the ones who hand in the most.

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