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Beautiful Days Festival news: Happy #InternationalBeerDay…

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Beautiful Days Festival news: Happy #InternationalBeerDay…

Latest update from Beautiful Days Festival

Happy #InternationalBeerDay 🍻
Down to the last few cases left of ‘Beautiful Daze Limited Covid Edition’ beer. Have you got yours?
Shop: https://www.otterbrewery.com/shop/beautiful-daze/

Beautiful Days Festival


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12 Responses

  1. Claire Lear says:

    Ordered ours a few days ago 😁

  2. Paul Holly says:

    best times how much for a cup as i missed the last 1 as i ad to work was gutted

  3. Jack Frear says:

    Ours is on its way… ready for homefest 2020… gates open Thursday 20th 🙂

  4. Gaz Morgan says:

    Managed not to drink mine yet 😄

  5. Tina Maria Bishop says:

    Just ordered ours shame we had to pay £24 postage 🙁

  6. Lynne Hogarth says:

    Got mine last week 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

  7. Sunny Holiday says:

    Happy beerday!

    As you do not ship to Austria we have to drink our own lager. 😉😊

  8. Katy Valiant says:

    Enjoying the first of the night. Hope you all have a good year….see you next year for a bigger and better BD.

  9. Katie Jane Crossley says:

    I bought some for my brother in law as a belated birthday present, I think I made his summer. Thankyou x

  10. Andy Smale says:

    Is it a new brew or otter best bitter re branded

  11. Marc Kirk says:

    2 boxes consumed last weekend.Very nice.

  12. Kevin Mashembo says:

    Here now 😌

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