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Beat Herder news: OK, OK, we’re back and we missed you loads – we didn’t want to mither you for we…

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Beat Herder news: OK, OK, we’re back and we missed you loads – we didn’t want to mither you for we…

Latest update from Beat Herder:

OK, OK, we’re back and we missed you loads – we didn’t want to mither you for weeks and weeks with “did you see this and did you do that” – we know The Beat-Herder Festival was AMAZING and the highlight of the summer.. YES!!
We’re now really excited for 2018 (July 13/14/15th) and the TICKET LAUNCH date is in just 2 weeks (28th Sept).
Join us next year, book early, save ££ & HERD EM UP!! = EASY. xx

The Beat-Herder Festival


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It will be so

I've written to my MP about this too, and so can you - there's a post and a link with a template letter on my page with the hashtag #LetUsDance x

You beauties x

Well, here we are - the middle of what would have been The Beat-Herder Festival. We are feeling lost without seeing the amazing family of crew that help us in every aspect of the event, all the artists and, of course, the beautiful family of Herders who come to enjoy every single delight there is and all the magic dolloped on top!
It's a big hole in the year and our lives for us as we strive to put on a mind-blowing festival for each and every one of you. A celebration across the musical genres and unique spaces that we can think up and make for you, transporting you from the normality of planet earth to the heights of festival euphoria.
We're missing your smiling faces, the good times, the dance and the one-ness that is created in Beat-Herdershire.
We raise a glass to you all and hope you can be with us in 2021.
HERD EM UP. xxxx
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We miss you too ♥♥ 🐑 x

Come on over to the Perfumed Garden Online Weekender... live streaming loads of acts and deejays from the the stage. Herder ain’t happening, but the party still is. #herdemup2021

Ah I miss all the sheep's...do we really have to wait a while year...boo...

Missing BH that much we made our own! 🤪

Missing you Beat Herder. Perfumed Garden are entertaining me this evening xx

Definitely feeling somewhat of a void in my life right now! We will make up for it next year though Herders!!!

Miss you 😢❤️my little lad said today that he hopes Beat-herder is back soon cause it is the best festival everrrrrrr

Miss you guys so much cant wait till next year herd em up !!! Xx

Hayley Geddes Paul-simon Hunter😫😭

Roll on nxt year

Zairah Khan Lauren Ibbetson 🤩🤩

Herd dem!! This time next year 🔥

First one I’ve missed since 2009...... and I’m missing it like crazy. It’s my fave weekend of the year and I now travel back from Spain to go since moving out here 18 months ago. My Beatherder family have grown over the years, had ‘neighbours’that have become friends, and had some amazing times on those wonky fields. Xxxx

Recreated Toiltrees in the living room

One thing helping me keep going right now is the count down until you unleash the next amazing instalment on us. Can’t wait, stay strong ♥️

Every time I've stepped out for a fag today I've thought "I should be at Beathearder right now, god I miss it!" Hey-ho, shit happens. Can't wait to make up for it next year. Love you Beatheardeeeeeer!!

Missing you lots. Xx

Fake herder was a hit in our social bubble! Missing the fields like crazy though

Will there ever be another Beatherder or any other event unless we agree to a cashless society and no free movement without a mandatory ‘vaccine’ for a flu bug that is killing nobody that it doesn’t kill every year? I think it’s time to start realising that Covid is the biggest false flag operation in human history. Prove me wrong.

Beats we love you ❤

Love you x

Emma Sharp Robert Lupton 😭 xx

Rebecca Goode Emilie Crowther cannot wait

Karel Maden Adele Hardy Elise Taylor Becky Brennan Adam O'Connor Tilly Taylor Dougie Hardy Kerry Townsend can’t wait till next year xx

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3 weeks ago

The Beat-Herder Festival

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Kevin Murray we should go!!

Is it for this year?

Still got the stains on my clothes from that amazing paint fight. Hope they never come out.

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25 Responses

  1. Steph Smith says:

    Catherine Hannah we are going xx

  2. Vicky Eatough says:

    Dave Atherton

  3. Meghan Bower says:

    Jake Fitzpatrick we going

  4. Simon James Haythornthwaite says:

    Nadeem Shiaz

  5. Jaqx Browne says:

    It was absolutely awesome best festival x

  6. Emily Irvine says:

    Ellie Livingston Carrie Casson you girls going next year 😘

  7. Carrie Casson says:

    Yeah Deffo “) it’s awsome xxx

  8. Stella Higham says:

    Lily Reedy Gabrielle Yates Phoebe Morris Ellis Barry

  9. Kate Wilkinson says:

    Hannah Rigby

  10. Martyn Skeet says:

    Highlight of the Summer !

  11. Barry Henderson says:

    That photo tho 😍

  12. Julie Palmer says:

    Donna Van Senior Matty Ternent Suzanna Ternent

  13. Sophie Glynn says:

    Lucy Glynn Adam Bradley 😉

  14. Paul Barrett says:

    Bob Jr Dyster

  15. Peter Tattersall says:

    Jason Tattersall

  16. Tia Roberts says:

    Scott Andrews

  17. Andy Jackson says:

    Lyndsey Walker

  18. Tom Freeman says:

    Luce Shaw eeeee

  19. Shell Louise says:

    Lee Collins

  20. Catherine Mckeown says:

    Kimberly Morris

  21. Steve Hudson says:

    How much are the first release tickets?

  22. David Benedictine Hudson says:

    Scott Warrington

  23. Sean Juan Manuel Forgione says:

    Dave Oldfield Williams 👀👀👀👀👀

  24. Paisley Creaney says:

    Oh yes oh yes Neekah McTear Charley-Ann Bradley Rhianne Melling Kelsey Hawley Jack Porter Tom Barrow Oakleigh Ward Isaac James

  25. Jasmine Greenwood says:

    Leah EdgarTaylor BakerAbigail ThompsonxLamiaa Davy

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