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The Beat-Herder Festival


Right, so you’ve waited all year and it’s finally here! The magical weekend of The Beat-Herder Festival
This is long but it’s covers pretty much everything – PLEASE READ.

We are busy beavering away and tinkering on to make the weekend even more special for you all. Before you, Herders, is the important night of preparation, where you need to get it together and focus. But, for some, the giddiness and anticipation is turning you into a crazed beast of jibbering bewilderment. So, here are some handy tips, some do’s and don’ts, some answers to FAQs and general help from the BH HQ.

If you have any ticket related questions, check your automated confirmation email from Ticketline and give them a ring on 01618132222.
Here is a link to view over the T&C’s for the tickets – – if you have a youth/child ticket or bought one for someone please look over this with regards to the conditions and make sure you download the Responsible Adult Form, fill it in and bring it with you. There is NO ENTRY for anyone under 18 without someone over 25 at all.

The festival gates open at 09:00 on Friday 13th July, so you can have time to set up camp and acclimatise in advance of the festival arena opening at 16:00. There is NO entry to any ticket holder on Tonight.. Campsite to be clear by lunchtime on Monday,

Before you leave home ensure that your vehicle pass is stuck to the vehicle windscreen so we can see it and make sure you also have your tickets! Not in your bag in the boot but close to hand, so we can check you have them and we can let you in. Not doing these things causes massive delays for everyone behind you.
If you’re coming to be with us in the “live-in vehicle area” and want to be camped next to your friend(s), please arrive in convoy as we can’t save places. Please make sure you have the correct vehicle pass for this too. No tents or cars in the live-in vehicle field.

Best postcode for the satnav is BB7 4LH. We are at the top of Sawley Brow, on the A59 between Gisburn and Clitheroe. The festival is clearly signposted 1/2 mile in either direction of the main entrance. Please take great care if arriving from the east and turning right into the site.

There is a drop off and pick up area and you don’t need a vehicle pass for this.
The nearest train stations are Clitheroe and Skipton.

Entry: Please be patient. With recent events around the world, expect a wait with the security search – they are here to help us all and keep us all safe for the weekend

There are cash machines, showers, lockers and mobile charging stations at Beat-Herder – we also take card & contactless payments at the bars and Merch’ stalls too.

• Glass – no glass is allowed within the Arena for safety reasons (and prefer it left at home if possible)
• Illegal substances
• Legal highs
• Nitrous Oxide AND/OR whippers
• Portable laser equipment and pens
• Unauthorised professional film or video equipment OR drones
• Audio recorders
• Megaphones
• Air horns
• Spray cans
• Marker pens
• Fireworks
• Flares
• Chinese or sky lanterns
• Any item which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon
• Animals (other than registered guide or hearing dogs)
• Sound systems / speakers
• Unauthorised items for trading, including any goods using unauthorised event logos

FIRE PREVENTION: This year we have had to ban BBQ’S & CHARCOAL due to the ground conditions. We also ask you to not bring GLASS or GAS STOVES if you can help it. ALSO, please smokers, put them out properly – be dedicated!! 100% NO FIRES ANYWHERE.

The Beat-Herder Programme:
We have lovingly created the programme in all 96 pages of glory. It has full set times from all the stages, maps, posters, A-Z of all artists performing as well as some penned thoughts and ramblings from the BH HQ. The programme will be available in all the bars and also the litter bond sheds (located in the campsite) throughout the weekend. They will also be sold by some lovely BH friends wandering around the site. They will be, as last year, £3. We hope you can grab one. If you have pre-ordered a programme, you can exchange this at the pop-up merch shop in the campsite (Friday only) or from The Cupboard (next to The Snug) all weekend.

Set times:
The website (on the artist’s pages via ‘line-up’) shows the stage and the date of the performance of each artist. As we have to deal with last minute cancellations and slight alterations to the billing the times are not fully confirmed until the week before the festival. Timings will be in the programme and also advertised by the day at every venue on chalkboards/posters.
MERCH: we have some really amazing BEATHERDER goodies this year with T-Shirts, Hoodies, Badges, Vests, Varsity Jackets, Bags, Baby Grows, Tea Towels and even UNDERPANTS!!! Yes! All these are available from the MERCH HUT in the campsite until 4pm on Friday and then from THE CUPBOARD in the main arena all weekend whist they last, don’t miss out. x

Fancy Dress:
This year the fancy dress them on Saturday is the letter ‘E’ – Can’t wait to see your creations

Beat-Herder is one of the last few festivals where there is not a limit set for the amount that you can bring. We do, reasonably, ask that you only bring a maximum of 2 cans into the arena at a time. We hope you can respect this and understand that the bars are one of the ways that we are able to continue to fund the Beat-Herder marvels and wackiness. Some festivals now don’t even let you take water in!! We are the good guys and we hope that you know that.

Beat-Herder does not condone the use or possession of illegal substances, all individuals found in possessions of such substances will be evicted from the festival and handed over to the police. Please make yours and our lives as easy as possible by not breaking the law. Please also be aware the laughing gas is now an illegal substance and ALL legal highs are banned at the festival and will be confiscated. Project 6 Welfare have a lot of details on the drugs that are around festivals. You can talk to them in confidence.
Drugs have been taken for centuries at parties & gatherings and Beat Herder is no exception to this. We all know taking drugs is illegal and can be proper dangerous, we know it goes on so, simply, if you must take drugs please make sure you know what you are taking and don’t buy from people you don’t know. Advice from The Loop is “Start with as low a dose as possible and wait at least 1 hour before considering redosing. Take plenty of breaks from dancing; avoid mixing with alcohol or other drugs; and ensure you stay hydrated and drink water regularly (no more than 1 pint per hour, sipped).”
We’ve seen the recent news on drug deaths at festivals – let’s all be safe, look after each other and let us look after you – welfare is here to help, not to take you to court. xx
First Aid and Welfare – these are open 24hours a day and it really is the place to go, no issue too small – they’re here to help you. Can be found in the same field with the stone circle in. If you have any doubts, issue or need to talk go there – It’s why they’re here

Glass is forbidden in the main arena and we’d prefer it left at home if possible – PLEASE. Every year there is so much smashed glass, which is not only bad for the event and the freedom of walking barefoot (or falling over) but also for the poor sheep who live there all year.

Looks like it will be a weekend with the potential for all sorts of weather – obviously we are hoping for sun and no rain. Be prepared, you are about to live outside for 3 days and nights. Make sure you have some warm clothes, decent tent & warm bedding, some waterproofs, some good footwear, spare socks and a change of underwear for goodness sake!
SUN: It’s also planning on being sunny and hot. Bring a refillable bottle, sun-cream, hat, get some shade & drink! Too long in the sun has all sorts of consequences. Look after yourself and others. We are 1 family this weekend, stay safe & remember: YOU ARE NOT HARDER THAN THE SUN!! xx

Age Restrictions and ID:
We operate a challenge 25 policy and all those lucky enough to appear under the age of 25 will be asked to provide evidence of their age by a valid photographic ID (UK Driving License, PASS 18+ Card or any card bearing the PASS hologram or your Passport).

The Litter Bond – Adults/Over 18’s Only:
You have paid an additional £5 within your ticket price this year. Your wristband will have a small section on the tassels which will be cut off when you return a full bag of rubbish from the campsite, to one of the three litter bond sheds within the campsite/campervan field. You will be given a free bin bag on entry, so you have all the tools to achieve this and help us and all other Herders keep the place tidy. It’s been a disgusting mess every year- let’s change it and enjoy/respect the place where you will live and sleep for the weekend..

Please do not leave your prized electronic gadgets, cameras, wallets in your tent. Either leave them at home, or keep them with you at all times. This year we have lockers available in the ‘Campsite Village’ please use them (if you have pre-paid for a locker here you can redeem them here too).

Above all remember that we build the Shire of Beat Herder for you all to come and enjoy, to experience a weekend of delights and make amazing memories. It takes a small team of us the whole year to create and also a massive team of hundreds of friends to actually present and make happen. We simply ask you to respect the place and what we have created, have a great time and look out for and care for each other.
Peace and love with a HERD EM UP on top,
Age 13 (shortly).


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Easy competition here, weve just got a few questions for you if youve got a couple of minutes.
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That was some day!
Got us giddy for summer & The Beat-Herder Festival already!!
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That was some day!
Got us giddy for summer & The Beat-Herder Festival already!!


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