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FANTICKS is the only place that we can suggest to either buy or sell unwanted tickets.
So many people are risking and actually being scammed out there, we've seen the lot, some real wrong 'uns about!!
Fanticks can verify the ticket is real/the seller has bought from ticketline and also adds a document to print out and bring with the ticket so that the name change isn't required = easy!
We cannot host sales and requests on our pages – we can't verify or be responsible for private sales, they will be deleted.
CAR PASSES are the only thing available at the festival, buy on arrival, £20.


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Well you lot certainly got the creative juices flowing at The Beat-Herder Festival. It's always amazing to see what you've come up with.
All top class efforts from Rainbows to Rubix cubes, Rollercoasters to the Real housewives of Beat Herder!!
What did you come as??
Or (if you didn't join in) what did you see??
Show us y'pics! xx
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rainicorn meets rainbows!

Had a blast!


Rodchenko cheerleader! Russian constructivist fluff.

RIO Baby 🙌💃 🇧🇷

Radioactive ☢️ and Rimmer 🤩

I went as Rab C. Nesbitt! 🎤 drop!

Rubix cube, referee and red riding hood 😜 oh and a rasta in the background 😘 we missed the parade but had a blast!! Xx

We always get way into the dress up theme and love that so many others do too! Highlight of the weekend. For the first time this year we saw there was a ‘parade’ - which only a few turned up to. Next year should we just organise a drinks meet up somewhere late afternoon?! And when will we find out next year’s theme - are we back to B or something new? We love planning at least a year in advance aye Nomes Boxall 🤭😉🥰

I think a fancy dress parade would be a great way for everyone to showcase their efforts ... sat 3pm ?

Seen someone dressed as rick from rick and morty in the trees that was a good one

Raving racing raptors for me and the bestie for our 40th bday!

Rubiks, rugby, rambo, rocker, rupert the bear and Jessica rabbit 😁

Ragdoll Mowriyah Slater

We had some roman gladiators, some referees, a rubix cube and some rainbows!

My mates thought it would be funny to come as me! 😳🙄😂

Did anyone else see the lady dressed as a Russian Doll ?? Loved that 🤩 got any pics? She must be out there

Rainbow 🌈 then hen and her rays 🌈🐔🌈🙌

Can’t believe you didn’t include giant rizla man!!!

Ring masters and our roary lioness (the stag)

Rambo Kate Rattigan

Rambo, robot, rasta, rubix, recycling, Rick, rabbi, reflective, ruff, rainbow 😂

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Been a long & hard week but nothing will take the magical memories away from an outstanding weekend, THE BEST!!
What did you enjoy the most at The Beat-Herder Festival??
Missing you all LOADS & can't wait to see you in 2020!! xx
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Been a long & hard week but nothing will take the magical memories away from an outstanding weekend, THE BEST!! 
What did you enjoy the most at The Beat-Herder Festival??
Missing you all LOADS & cant wait to see you in 2020!! xx


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That was some closing firework show too!! xx

My favourite bits were Rudimental and rigging the show for Sunday night, makes it so worth it when we see an end result as good as that 😁😁💥💥😁😁

Kate Babs Frain Luke Wookey-Welsh Laney Howting Stephen Welsh Mishy Arr Aggie Hartt Kimmers Lang

Ellie Parfitt

Best weekend ever cann we bring next year forward please to August 🤣

I could say something cool like Le Fleur or Gina Breeze or DJ Yoda but honestly..the mass singalong to We Are Family was as perfect a moment you could get. Because we are.

Our best one yet! Emma Michelle Whitaker xx

electrick gypsy on the sunrise stage, the bubbles and lasers, the fireworks, henge, but.....lancashire hotpots "dance moves" hurt my back....still in pain.....

Had Beatherder blues all week!! Roll on 2020!! Xx

The “secret” Firework display in the camper van park in the early hours of Monday morning did it for me 😂😂

John Haycock on the main stage. Perfect for a rough Sunday morning.

Paul Bradshaw Jnr a canny see

Shwahawk duo were ace please bring them back next year 😍

Titty titty bang bang in the snug. Give them a bigger stage . Mr scruffs 5 hour set was a musical masterclass. Purple disco machine and father funks sets were massive highlights as well. Shazzamed so many good tunes

Can you pleeeease try get Gerry cinnamon next year!!!

Lewis Mckechnie

Klonk In Trash Manor were loads of fun, plus the fountain to stick your head in after dancing ! Haha. The laundrette stage was ace, and hotpots! I reckon Sunday was the best day ✨

Missing you too Beatherder! 😭😭😭😭😭 x

Mr Scruff on a Sunday in Toil Trees... LOVE it every year! ✌🏼🐑🎉

Debra Bell Ellie Mae Burgess New exitinggggg

Want to relive the moment above? We've just launched our official display video over on Optimum Fireworks Turn it up loud and enjoy!! 💥💥💥

Pls do two BH a year cant cope with waiting a whole year for another 😭😭😭😭❤️

Everything was perfect literally couldn’t pick any flaws!! Macky gee made the weekend for me. Can not wait for next year ❤️

Dutty moonshine and the big band!!!

Please get pink floydian again 😁😁

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