Bearded Theory news: Whilst most people on site are still fast asleep, our amazing stage crew are h…

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Whilst most people on site are still fast asleep, our amazing stage crew are hard at work, loading in the gear for tonight’s headline show by the one and only Robert Plant!

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Apologies for the delay in our response over the weekend, we equally had issues trying to contact people to resolve the ticket issues raised to us. We will share See Tickets apology tomorrow and on behalf of the festival apologise for the inconvenience caused by their error. The error was a failure to issue a confirmation page on people using one of the See Ticket pages (which is now rectified) and some customers (around 40 affected) had assumed the transaction had not cleared and then re-purchased tickets. We will make sure no one is out of pocket due to this error, people affected will be refunded the booking fee and postage on their valid transaction and we will ensure this situation never happens again by whatever means necessary. Please accept our apologies and thank you for your support once again. If anyone affected needs to check anything regarding their order, then please contact and should you not get an adequate response to contact the festival on Best wishes, BT x ... See MoreSee Less


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Please to hear this has been sorted, however as mentioned above, this doesn't help those of us who had early bird tickets in our basket before 9:01 and then they were not available by the time we checked out so had to buy full price tickets. Without the See Tickets issues I would without doubt have had early bird tickets. When all the duplicate purchases have been refunded those in my position are the only ones permanently out of pocket.....

I find it hard to believe that only 40 people had assumed that the transaction had not gone through?!?!? I myself was one of them, when being told by the web page to “try again” when what appeared that the transaction hadn’t gone through. Luckily my bank and see tickets were amazing and it was sorted but took a lot of my Saturday up to get it done. I nearly ended up with 12 tickets and 3 camper passes because of a simple error. Hopefully this doesn’t happen again and those tickets brought in error are relisted at early bird prices. 👍

Can’t fault how good you are as a festival - and how great you are at dealing with issues as they arise Looking forward to being there next year ❤️

Did anyone else have trouble buying tickets ? purchase would not go through then came up as sold out.will have to wait till next heir now.not your fault bearded theory festival enjoyed last year can't wait for next year 😁

Nice to know. I emailed See about the duplicate order today and they got it sorted quickly so all is well. Looking forward to my first BT next year.

This was a really unfortunate incident and it wasn’t Bearded’s fault and thank you to you for your response and apology. I for one was unfortunately effected by this glitch and I won’t lie at just short of £1800 coming out of my acc I panicked. However I immediately contacted see tickets by their live chat and they instantly agreed a re refund of tickets I didn’t require. I woke this morning to find that all has been refunded which was a great relief. I do feel for people who did miss out on early bird which i also am surpirsed you offer as its already good value for festival. Thank you bearded keep up the good work. Glitches happen but I’m looking forward to the amazing festival that it is. 🙂👍🏼.

just cross as it'll take 3-5 days before i get my £560 back from See! didn't take long to get to them though xx

What about reallocation of early bird ? Failed to get but went on to purchase full price tickets to register for the school but still not available????

Bearded being up front and honest yet again.

Other festivals take note. Once again top quality response from the bearded team.

And yet again, the Bearded team show their class Thank you

Everyone’s complaining but I would like to thank all behind the scenes in making it the best festival going

That's very generous as after all it wasn't your fault . As one of the 70 it's much appreciated .thank you

We've been for last 6 years and had a fantastic time every time, last year's delays getting in were due to an unfortunate fatal crash on the a38 it was a complete one off, all the times we have been before we have had no issues.

The usual classy response from Bearded . Brilliant stuff,thanks guys x

Brilliant response as usual! Almost got caught out but was checking bank and email at the same time so all good 🙂 So looking forward to May! Last year was amazing even tho it was my 1st 🙂

Was a bit worried when I purchased 3 times but soon sorted by see tickets. No complaints.

What a great bunch of people at Bearded Theory are. Fantastic, well done!!

Thank you for rectifying quickly! It was a shock to know I had 6 tickets to start with 😂😂😂 sorted very efficiently and looking forward to line up snippets 👍

Thank you for the update & the apology. We know it was a see tickets issue & not the amazing organisers fault. Was annoying at the time but we got our tickets which was the important thing. Still waiting for the refund & response to see if we can change the campervan ticket for a caravan one (I clicked the wrong option & didn’t realise until the confirmation came through). Appreciate the kind gesture of refunding booking fee & postage- this is y we love bearded - you care.

Thanks for the apology. It was the "please try again later" message that tricked me into trying again & again & again!

I was one of the people who bought multiple tickets and luckily managed to get through to see tickets pretty quickly. Can't fault you guys at all, so no need to apologise! Just hoping that see tickets only take 1 payment and don't tip me over my overdraft 😂 can't wait for May!! Xxxx

Struggling to get a car park ticket but will try for a 5th time tomorrow

Can't say fairer than that. Thank you for the excellent response.

Peter Thompson, did you get your refund ok?

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2019 tickets are now available via SEE Tickets

Tickets are available via / or by calling the SEE Tickets box office on 0871 220 0260 (calls cost 13p per minute plus network extras)

🎟️ 🎟️
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2019 tickets are now available via SEE Tickets ⛺

Tickets are available via / or by calling the SEE Tickets box office on 0871 220 0260 (calls cost 13p per minute plus network extras) 

🎟️ 🎟️


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Come on Bearded Theory step up and take some responsibility. U have tried booking two adult and two child tickets on the payment plan. My account is currently being debited for 5 lots of £159.11 can't get hold of anybody at see and I'm totally disgusted that bearded theory are taking no responsibility. Has anybody had anything similar happen?

Seems the school, has Sold out too, and is there no option to book family camping this year?

Added 3 tickets to the basket at 09:00, did the Capcha then was told they were gone. Now at full price. Did all these go to people who paid deposits?

Early bird not available at 9.00.....oh my word that was quick! Literally seconds....

So, I doubt I'll be the only person to say this. I have an email confirmation and a booking reference for early-bird tickets but the final webpage I was sent to post-purchase said "error". Does my confirmed order trump the error-page? thanks 🙂

Joy Wylie, Joe and I bought our tickets! Joe managed to get early bird and I had one in my basket but it froze and disappeared so had to pay full price 🤔 But, we're going again!! Xx

woohoo! Got mine, see you there!

Got ours 👍

Got ours! Can’t wait!😁

See you there! Got ours

Can't believe the early bird tickets went so fast. Got tickets but at full price!

Got ours and a campervan pass. Cannae wait.

Ian Brownridge

Pete Chambers

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