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Bearded Theory news: Correction Notice…

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Bearded Theory news: Correction Notice…

Latest update from Bearded Theory:

Correction Notice

Yesterday’s newsletter contained an inaccuracy from the Calculator Management Team. The payment plan schedule is first payment £25 (not £30), Payment 2 – £18.75 to be taken 31/01/2018, Payment 3 – £18.75 to be taken 28/02/2018, Payment 4 – £18.75 to be taken 30/03/2018 and final balance – £18.75 + £2.00 postage to be taken 30/04/2018. Apologies about that!

Bearded Theory’s Spring Gathering


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2 weeks ago

Bearded Theory's Spring Gathering

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See you in the fields 😉❤️

hopefully a vaccine by then, then whoopee!

When and where are tickets available? I got mine refunded so will need to re buy x x

See you all in a field next year.

Ah cool I hadn't seen the new date ❤️❤️❤️💃💃💃

Book the leave tomorrow Vicky Jade

Can't wait when will tickets go on sale ?

Best Cover Picture Evvvvveeeerrrrrr!!!!! Xx

Correct decision. Well done & good luck. See you next year!


Clare Wayper here’s to next year🤞

Big Hugs Bearded Buddies

The thought of Bearded on May will keep us going through the winter months♥️

Not happy but it what is see you next time 😎

So pleased it’s next year not September as I couldn’t come then missed it badly this year 😩 but understand totally why x

Will look forward to next year! 😎🤩

Bring it on👏👏👏

Excellent 👏👏 can’t wait 🤩

See you next year then. Big thanks for still having Patty Smith, 😀

Can't wait ❤️

I'm already packing

Mark Stafford

Gutted it’s cancelled, but so looking forward to next year Mike, Shaun

Everything crossed for third time lucky!!

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Full details head over to https://beardedtheory.co.uk/bearded-theory-announcement/

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That is the most sensible solution in the long run. It couldn't have been an easy decision to make but well done to the organisers. See you next May, all being safe. Take care folks.

Had a little sob but totally get it and dying to see you next year already xx

Thanks BT. Superb as usual. Hope you all can take a deep breath and relax for a while now, must of been so stressful. As for next May.... I see Echo and The Bunnymen have a Bearded shape hole in their tour next year 🤔🤔 Take care everyone xx

Thanks - hope damned can do it ideally on pallet, if not let me know and I'll ave a word, was hoping you'd do this, first rule of BT - it must be fun, bit tricky at the mo.

Thanks for keeping us all posted, youve all done a brilliant job keeping us all in the loop. Gutted its not on this year but better safe than sorry. See you all in May for one hell of a party. X

Absolutely the right decision and once again the team show how bloody marvellous the are. See you all in a field next May. 😍

I think everyone knew this would be the case, it's a shame but already looking for to a proper celebration next year 🤞

faultless communication from start to finish and classy as always. No festival deserves a return to normality next year more than BT, hopefully see you all in 10 months!

Fingers crossed there'll be a chance for events of this size by as early as May 2021. Must be tiring to keep rolling it over. Glad you're optimistic. We'll all be there, whichever year we finally get the go ahead! I'm stubbornly holding on to every ticket I'd already bagged. Competition for the rest of them will be FIERCE!

Roll on May! almost certainly the best decision, just hope the Flaming Lips can be rebooked.

Stef see you next year then

I would need at least a partial refund as this would put it just before our nipper's gcse's so no way she can come. I will have to look into that

Thank you for keeping us so informed throughout, so excited we now have this to look forward to next year 😁

Although sad, I think this is the news I wanted to hear. We cant have a Bearded without being able to drunkenly roll over each other. In my opinion. I would have been there no matter what but I'll look forward to the first & best festival of 2021♥️

Absolutely gutted but think it’s the right decision - see you in 21

Why don’t you now take the opportunity to try and book Ian Prowse and Amsterdam/pele for next year. He/ they would go down a storm.

Definitely the right decision - can’t wait to join you all next year 🥰

Huge love to you all, I'm sure you've had a fair amount of angst over this, but we all knew you would do what was right for all. Now everyone behave yourselves so we are all fighting fit in May!

Obviously gutted not be there this year but an understandable and correct decision. It will be even more special next year and we can’t wait to be there!!

So pleased you managed t secure the wonderful Patti Smith.

Just want to say thank you so much to everyone who has worked so hard to plan for May, reorganise to September and then, faultlessly, reschedule again to next May. All done with the best interests of everyone at heart. Great communication throughout. I am gutted that we have all missed out this year but so grateful to be coming back next year. See you all in May 🙏🏼💜🎉🎶🍻

I work in a school, so don't arrive until Friday evening. I am so much happier it's not going ahead in September, I would have had to go back Sunday evening. Can't wait till next year! 😁

Thank you bearded lovelies!!! We will be there in 2021! We had to cancel our tickets when it was rescheduled to September - will we be able to get these reinstated? Or how do we get tickets?

This announcement gives me hope for 2021. Thank you Rich and the team.

Johnny Jackson

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4 weeks ago

Bearded Theory's Spring Gathering

WARNING - a fake event has been set up with 'Live' at the end of our name - please do not accept it, like it, and definitely report it - be vigilant and stay safe <3 ... See MoreSee Less

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They did it for IOW festival completely fake we reported it then there was Glastonbury live and again was charging people to watch a fake live feed we reported it again cannot seem to get rid of them 😡🤬

Julie Donohue did you “like” this event?

Wendy Jones have you seen this?

Andrew Ollerenshaw Daphne La Lune

1 month ago

Bearded Theory's Spring Gathering

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Today the live music industry is standing together to call for action. To show your support share a photo or video from the last live show that you went and tag #LetTheMusicPlay ... See MoreSee Less

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25 Responses

  1. Claire Baggy Knuckles Brown says:

    Can you buy more than one at a time this year?

  2. Greg Talbot says:

    Dave Morris Holly Witchell you guys up for this next year? Tickets on sale Saturday Graham Chesterfield

  3. Dani Megginson says:

    Mark Bowler. Too far Robyn Cummins?

  4. Cxahe Pocc says:

    Jake Aris Valerie Robbie Fowler Manchester Esme Watts Jamie Swain Ralph Orton Liam Kerry Sam Ross

  5. Zoe Michelle says:

    Matthew Blanchard 😁😁

  6. Stephen Blount says:

    All that even after new calculators were issued by the calculator deployment team.

  7. Elliott Henderson says:

    Cheaper than ynot Alice Davison Orianne Brown Rhys Leeke Ashley McGowan Charlotte Bell Jake Holmes

  8. Tasha Leigh says:

    my alarm is set I’m coiled like a spring

  9. Neil Skillings says:

    Stella Skillings what do you think x x x

  10. Vicki Gates says:

    Corniche Wah Plumridge 👍👍

  11. David Jennings says:

    Roger Margerison Claire Margerison Barry Taylor Amy Gray Jones Nick Overton Kelsey Lindstrom Overton Tom Bell – your next favourite festival (after Moonbeams & Shrewsbury) awaits discovery, at a bargain ££ too.).
    A perfect mix of Avalon Stage, Shrewsbury & Wickham…

  12. Liane Green says:

    Theresa Winnie Hodgson I’ve just had the thumbs up from the kids, we’re paying our first installment on Saturday morning. You’d better start saving for Boomtown too! 😍

  13. Emma Ciriello says:

    Carmen Simoncelli Langfield this might be up your street xx

  14. Dale Gibson says:


  15. Dale Gibson says:


  16. Theresa Winnie Hodgson says:

    Yay I’m getting mine too Saturday
    Do boom do tickets payment plan xx

  17. Jenny Kirton says:

    Jenny Hicks Robert Neat Sarah Schroeder Jonathan Kirton??? What do you think?????

  18. Louby Lou says:

    Mick Bear Brown xxx

  19. Mick Bear Brown says:

    ✔️✔️✔️✔️ baybeeee xxx

  20. Sarah Smith says:

    Sophie Larsen you in for next year??

  21. Chris Beasley says:

    When you pitch your tent are you next to you car or is it in another field? Cheers. 🙂

  22. Lisa Edwards says:

    Zachary Chambers x

  23. John Reynolds says:

    Hi, can you do payment schedule and camper van pass please?

  24. Sally Roberts says:

    Elizabeth Pearch Karen Pearch Linda Pearch Was Kay are we going children friendly and we need a tent ⛺️ liz has that!!! On sale tomorrow xx

  25. Shelley Williams says:

    To anyone who’s unsure about getting tickets…my advice is BUY BUY BUY! This is an absolutely amazing festival that just gets better and better every year…🎻🍺🎸🙂

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