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If you loved the era then you’ll love Beano On The Sea… and the BANK HOLIDAY BONUS! Buy 4 tickets and as there’s room in the car get a 5th for FREE!!!

The line up speaks for itself and the south coast is gorrrr-geous in September! Everything is under Β£100 from weekenders which include priority aftershow access, down to individual day tickets and kids concessions.

Join the gang, all the info at…

Beano On The Sea – Cool Britannia


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2 months ago

Beano On The Sea - Cool Britannia

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I can see us Richard Gianella Wendy Freer Chris Fowler Maria Smith

Eye-spy with my little-eye some massive Reef fans in that front row Jane Hoyle Zoe McCormick Alison Buckley Real Jmay Scott Perry Tracey Iveson Niko Josianne 😁 Along with a BEAUTIFUL sky and a very good looking crowd βœ”οΈ

Are we here somewhere Lily Cherry?

This could only have been taken during reef? Lol! Brilliant show

Brilliant night!!!

Great night Cliff Adams! Can you spot us?

Anthony Evans... look ... smack bang in the middle !!!!

Paul Reeds πŸ˜ƒ

Dave Jones

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2 months ago

Beano On The Sea - Cool Britannia

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  1. David Devant & his Spirit Wife! πŸ˜ƒ
    “Do you feel born out of time? Does all the world seem behind you? You must be gin-GER!!! And when you walk down the street do people tread on your heels and wave a fin-GER?!” Classic!

  2. A load of Burbury wearing twats who voted for Tony fucking Blair stuck in a 1996 timewarp , That line up belongs on a crap cd in the Mail on Sunday about 10 years ago probably called Cool Britaina a sound that defined a generation, BOLLOCKS

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