Barclaycard British Summertime news: Here we go!!! Come on England!…

by Festival Flyer

Latest update from Barclaycard British Summertime:

Here we go!!! Come on England!
📸 Rory James

BST Hyde Park


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5 days ago

BST Hyde Park

💪🏽 Go Flex 💪🏽 It's time to get your tickets for Post Malone's American Express presents BST Hyde Park takeover!

See you 2nd July:

💪🏽 Go Flex 💪🏽 Its time to get your tickets for Post Malones American Express presents BST Hyde Park takeover!

See you 2nd July:

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Poor bloke someone has drawn on his face

Suzanne Martin xxx

I hope the last act announced is rock/metal 🤞

Shall we go Danny Garnham 😜 xx

Louise Blunt lets go to this 😂

Chelsea Leigh oooooo we going

Ronnie Mewes cough 😂

Why the hell is this on a Thursday!

Zoey Jo Armitage u can take Francis 🤟🏽

Ceri Lamb xxx

Laura Pintaudi? Xx

Michelle Louise Sands post malone Barry Knight

Aimee Walker did you see this x

we should have m huncho in hyde park too right? bst n we support uk acts not just an american fetish n fantasy too right>

Dollie Eastlake x


Oh Yes Victor Oliveira

Grace Heath Chloé Bassett Jonno Prowse £70 a ticket 🤷🏻‍♀️

Paige Southwell? should we?

Liam Dolton can't wait

I love post malone!!!

Terri Giffard can we go please 🙏😍💃

You just get the general admission?

Ben Hadley Charlie Nelson Louise Anne Brown we HAVE TO GO!!!

Good he has got a tattoo

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1 week ago

BST Hyde Park

🌻 Global phenomenon Post Malone is coming to London for a major headline show at American Express presents BST Hyde Park!

🌳 The American Express Cardmembers presale starts right now:

🌳 Tickets go on general sale 9am Friday

🌻 Global phenomenon Post Malone is coming to London for a major headline show at American Express presents BST Hyde Park!

🌳 The American Express Cardmembers presale starts right now:

🌳 Tickets go on general sale 9am Friday

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worst line up ever..doesnt look like i will be going this year. Gutted

My mum is 56 and we’ve seen Tom petty, kylie, and stevie nicks. She’s already bought tickets because unlike some of you muppets she hasn’t got her head under a rock and keeps up to date unlike some of you double denim, knitted sweater, narrow minded bell ends. Stay at home with your warm home brew if that’s the attitude you’re going to have

Michael Matthews doesnt look like we will be doin hyde park this year lad line up is shite every day

WTF are they thinking, its like they are trying to come up with the worst possible lineup.

I think this years line up must have been booked by the work experience kid!!

Should of put little mix , post malone , Kendrick Lamar and taylor swift all on the same day an put some real headliners on.. terrible line up this year

We also think it’s the worst line up for years and sadly won’t get attending either. Get Diana on as the final act to be the Phoenix to rise from the ashes of gloom. Barclaycard must be laughing and Amex left wondering if it was worth it!! Little Mix playing at Kingsholm for a fraction of the price with a fraction of the crowd!!! Very disappointing BST Hyde Park 😢

Saving my money this year! Shame, we’ve really enjoyed it for the last few years! Dreadful line ups so far! I won’t be getting an Amex card anytime soon if this is the kind of service you get

Kings of Leon are at Finsbury Park 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Interesting change in focus from BST Hyde Park this year, clearly aiming at a different age group. Feel sad that for the first time in years there’s nothing that Yvie Cromes and I want to go too. Normally the choice is much broader and we struggle to decide which one to go too 😟

This has been such a poor line up this year I feel. A couple of good ones, but not for me to actually go and see. Think there is still one more headliner to announce, so fingers crossed Surely it can't just be down to the change of sponsorship that it's changed so much this year?

Who the heck is this random?

I too am very disappointed this year, and won’t be going, but the youngsters should get a look in xx

Who is this Malone person? , I've been twice now, Take That and Robbie, brilliant days. Not too keen on this year x😪

Disappointing line up this year after a brilliant one last year.

Why is it AmEx presenting its and now Barclaycard? Seems there is a pattern with it changing hands and the lineup not being as great..

This is ridiculous, I was hanging out for The Everly Brothers, Val Doonican, Des O'Connor, or The Monkees (if that's still allowed). They've obviously aiming for a different market now. Think I'll spend my Shillings elsewhere 😁

That means there is 2 spaces left here's hoping for Bruce and McCartney to fill them but with the announcements so far wouldn't be surprised if it was filled by Blue and Will Young

The shift in focus is clear. Sure it's great for some but nolonger my thing. Sad after several years I won't be attending any in 2020.

Wow ... Tom Petty, Roger Waters, Paul Simon, The Cure, Green Day, Stevie Wonder .... now we get Little Mix, Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, Post Malone ... 🙁 Come on BST, is Pearl Jam really all you have ??

Cant wait for Little Mix BST Hyde Park date! so glad they're finally being recognised by high profile festivals. All these haters on here saying they arent A listers. They are. You expecting the Beatles to walk on stage or something?!?!

Post Malone is enough to make me want to go, all the other artists are irrelevant 🤩😁

No, thank you. We're sticking with Little Mix 😉 Each to their own, I suppose!

Seriously what the hell. Little Mix and Post Malone headlining? Previous years I've seen Carole King, Roger Waters, Phil Collins and Barbra Streisand. I'm all for bringing the younger acts in but the only group pre-millenium is Pearl Jam.

It's obvious the organisers don't read these comments on here, at least I will save myself a few hundred quid by staying at home!

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2 weeks ago

BST Hyde Park

Pearl Jam's first official music video in seven years has landed! 🤘🏽 ...

Video image

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Catherine Radcliffe Justin Mcilveen xx

Adrian Powell

Nyssa Porter

Juline Purvis

Katie Toone

Terry Howe

Good track

Ricky Somerville

Emily Collison Andy Cooper

Stuart Jones

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3 weeks ago

BST Hyde Park

Known for her work as lead vocalist & guitarist of beloved blues-rock band Alabama Shakes, Brittany Howard's debut solo album 'Jaime' won widespread acclaim upon its release in 2019.

👇🏽 Watch her powerful Tiny Desk Concert below and catch her with Kendrick Lamar and James Blake Sunday 5th July

Video image

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4 weeks ago

BST Hyde Park

⏱️It's time. Tickets for Kendrick Lamar with James Blake and Brittany Howard are now on sale. See you 5th July! ...

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Same I've had great time sadly I will not be going to see him bst you have messed up my schedule I was going to all six nights, not anymore please put decent two last act's pleeeeaaasssseeeeeee!

It all started to go downhill with the amateurish Robbie last summer . An appalling show and a poor lineup for this year.

Disappointed with the line up this year has gradually gotten worse over the last couple of years but I hope everyone enjoys themselves if they go

Who ?.


This is not last year is it Greg Peters Eleanor Macdonagh?

Since AEG took over the event has taken on a whole new vibe. Can't say it's my thing any more but will please others. I await the removal of this comment as per usual.

Would be fairer if we had at least one classic rock day. They usually sell out so why not?

We have been last 3 years and loved it.... Not to our taste for this year 😒 Hope those who do go enjoy as much as we have previously.

Joé Delgado Yves Reichling 😉

When can we expect an announcement about special guests for Taylor Swift?

Had some great times at these events & lucky enough to see 'legends'! Sadly, not my thing with this year's line-up's, but I guess that's the way it goes 😕

Last year there was absolutely nothing for my liking but can’t wait for Pearl Jam this year. Last year was a great collection of legends but much more excited about this year.

Christian O'Hara

There's usually 6 gigs aren't there, are they announcing more?

Charlotte Foakes Ideas for my birthday 😉

James Carlisle yes!

Katie Ann!

Lavesh Bajaj

Kate McQuaide Kung fu Kenny and good old JB! 😁🎉

Anna Lordy different day

Tallulah Tingle

Hi, agreed! The linup are not as the last years! No Hyde Park this year! 😁😁 when are The Legend comming?

Callum Rowntree

Sarah De La Mare

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where’s that rifle when I need it?

Anonymous July 11, 2018 - 5:56 pm

Tracy Hartley…its coming home 😂


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